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Queen Elizabeth II: Life, Laws, And Feminism

| September 10, 2022

The 96-year-old Monarch ‘Lilibet’ Elizabeth passed away on the 8th of September, 2022. Lilibet, who has been granted the title of the longest serving monarch, celebrated her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year in February, after completing 70 years on the throne.

Two beautiful rainbows were seen over Buckingham Palace when spectators gathered to pay their last respects after the Queen’s demise

Her majesty died in the royal abode of Aberdeenshire, the Balmoral Castle, surrounded by her loved ones. The Queen is being remembered by the whole of the UK and much of the world because of the special place she held in their hearts. 

Lilibet- People’s Queen

Lilibet- People’s Queen

Some of the more recent public events graced by her presence were 

  • the moving speech she delivered to the bewildered countrymen during the difficult times of the Pandemic, 
  • Yes, the much-awaited sketch of Paddington and her on her Diamond Jubilee celebration, 
  • Oh! The horseracing events which she held an ardent passion for,
  • And, when she appeared alongside Daniel Craig in the 2012 London Olympics. Craig played James Bond and the Queen was apparently very pleased with the whole sketch.

She somewhat developed into a fashion icon being known to the public for her bright colored dresses, her elaborate collection of hats, and her pillbox handbags. She was also known for her love for corgi dogs.

Feminist Streaks: Long Live The Queen

Feminist Streaks Long Live The Queen

The longest-running monarch was known for her discipline and will to serve her nation. 50 years back when feminism was a fairly nascent concept, the Queen displayed exemplary examples of how powerful a determined woman can be.

Here are some of the most note-worthy moments which can stand as a testament to the feminist streak in Lilibet. 

Lilibet And Cars

Queen Elizabeth trained to be a driver and a car mechanic while working at the rank of subaltern. She performed so well that she was soon promoted in the ranks.

The Queen Took A Saudi King For A Drive

Lilibet once took the Saudi king for a drive. He was apparently pretty nervous about being driven around by a woman. The translator kept pleading with the queen to concentrate on the road.

She Took Charge Against Patriarchy

The Queen gave her assent to the new succession legislation which stated that not female but also male heirs were now eligible to inherit the throne. 

Keeping Her Own Surname Post-Marriage

The queen did not give up her own surname which later on went on to be shared by her kids. This was considered to be a very gutsy move on her part. 

A Child Of War. A Mother. A Monarch

A Child Of War. A Mother. A Monarch

Lilibet inherited the throne at the mere age of 25. Most of us 25-year-olds take pride in making the bed and at 25, Elizabeth shouldered the responsibility of handling a whole nation. She was declared the ruling monarch when her father passed away of coronary thrombosis, while in battle. 

A child of 13, she and her sister Margaret were shifted to Windsor Castle when the bombings started after war broke out in 1939. She addressed all the children of war living away from their families in a heartfelt speech delivered in 1940.

Before the Second World War, the United Kingdom relied on countries all over the world for food supplies. However, as the war went on to be the most dreaded war of the century, food materials such as butter, meat, cheese, milk, and eggs went on to be rationed by the government. The gracious Queen survived it all only to become the longest-serving monarch.

Last year she was seen clad in black attending her husband, Prince Phillip’s funeral. She stood strong and above speculation when Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess decided to drop their royal titles. 

She did her fair share to make the country a safe place for women by introducing quite a few pro-feminist laws and regulations.

Queen Elizabeth II Children

The late Queen and her husband Prince Philip had four children together. 

  • Charles III, now king, 
  • Princess Anne, Princess Royal,
  • Duke of York, Prince Andrew,
  • And Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward.

Laws Introduced

Laws Introduced

She marked history with her contributions made towards the egalitarian approach taken for the place held by women in Great Britain. These contributions took effect both within the workings of the Monarchy and outside. 

She was known to be a strong woman who was confident and private about the views that she held personally, and was not hesitant to convey her disapproval by a mere eyebrow raise.

  • She was a feminist icon of sorts for women at the time of her reign-ensured that her daughters and most daughters of the nation received a proper education.
  • Displaying vivid courage she decided to retain her own surname even after being married to Prince Phillip.

Succession To The Crown Act

Succession To The Crown Act 

Queen Elizabeth II gave her assent to this important piece of legislation that altered the terms of succession as agreed to in the Perth Agreement that took place in 2011. 

According to tradition, male preference was the norm when it came to primogeniture. Primogeniture means the law which states that the eldest legitimate child of the monarch is to be the next in line to ascend the throne. An eldest female heir could lose their claim to the throne to a younger male heir.

The Succession To The Crown Act of 2013 changed the male-primogeniture rule to an absolute one. From 2011 and onwards the eldest heir, male or female, will be able to be next in line for the throne.  

What Else Did The Act Do?

What Else Did The Act Do

The Act which was signed by Queen Elizabeth II declared that the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 would be repealed. The repealed Act had stated that any such heir was disqualified from the line of succession if they got married to a Roman Catholic. 

A provision stated that a person in line for succession needs to seek the approval of the Queen before they got married to someone. This was also removed. Now, only the first six people in line for succession to the throne need to get the Queen/King’s approval.

And That’s A Royal Wrap!

With the death of the Queen, the world seems to be stumped. People have been affected, and not just people to whom she served as a monarch. Her presence was dignified. Powerful. 

The Queen’s popularity all around the world can be gauged from the number of places that have been named in her honor, for example, Queen Elizabeth II Courts Of Law, and Queen Elizabeth II Island, to name a few in Australia. Queen Elizabeth II Square in Auckland, Queensburgh in South Africa, and so on. 

Charles III, the late Queen’s eldest ascended the throne when he was sworn in as the king of United Kindom and the 14 Commonwealth areas. His coronation is yet to take place, but he is to be addressed as King Charles III. From now and onwards he is to serve as the Constitutional Head Of the British Monarchy. 

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Long Live The King!

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