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Meet Tim Felice Florida Injury Trial Attorney Early Life and Education

| May 11, 2024

Timothy C. Felice was born on December 9, 1976. He is originally from Rochelle, New York where he spent the first two decades of his life. 

Timothy is well-known for embracing the overall vibrant culture and the seasonal changes encompassing New York. However, after that, he moved to Florida to experience a much more milder winter. 

He graduated from Florida Atlantic University where Timothy stood out among all for his academic brilliance. He graduated at the top of his class with high honors or Magna Cum Laude in 2001. He has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice. 

He always wanted to have a career in law and he was extremely passionate about it. He later did his further studies at Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Law Center. 

In 2004, he finally finished his education and received his JD degree. Now, he is ready to take any challenge that comes to him from the legal world. 

Legal Career

Timothy got his registration in the Florida Bar in 2005 which helped him embark on his legal career in Florida. He has always been committed to addressing the issues of personal injury and worker’s compensation cases in an agile manner. This is what sets him apart from other attorneys. 

He has an agile mind to understand his victims facing negligence and other legal issues. To cater to this cause, Tim founded Felice Trial Attorneys. The firm also specializes in various cases like vehicular, slip and fall accidents and medical malpractice. He also pays special heed to worker’s compensation claims. 

Under his leadership, this firm earned the reputation of robust advocacy and achieving substantial outcomes for its clientele. 

Professional Achievements and Associations

Professional Achievements and Associations

Timothy is deeply involved with the legal community, holding prestigious memberships in associations like the Palm Beach County Bar, Florida Justice Associations, and the American Association for Justice

He also is extremely active as the Palm Beach County Justice Association’s Board Member. He also holds co-chair in the CLE communities. 

Timothy has dedicated his life to extending his legal acumen to educate other lawyers. He has won several awards for his brilliance from elite groups like Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This immensely showcased his success in securing settlements and verdicts in his favor. 

Philosophy and Impact

Timothy is known for his thoughtfulness towards litigation and balancing aggressive legal strategies. This helps him nurture a deep understanding and an empathetic approach towards his clients. 

This unique and proactive approach beefs up his efficiency in the courtroom and beyond. It also caters to achieving seamless excellence in his casework while he dedicates his life’s work to education and other community services. 

He is extremely committed to the legal community which can be witnessed from his dedication in the casework. Under his guidance and leadership, Felice Trial Attorneys have achieved around $85 million in settlements and verdicts that came up with substantial relief and compensation. The firm helped provide countless clients relief from injustices and injuries. 

Services Provided by Felice Trial Attorneys

Services Provided by Felice Trial Attorneys

Felice Trial Attorneys are extremely flexible in their ways of handling cases. Let’s see what they are: 

Personal Injury

  1. Slip and Falls Accident: Tim Felice and his team of advocates specialize in cases of personal injury. These entail injuries caused due to slippery floors, uneven surfaces, or even unsafe property conditions. They primarily focus on proving the negligence that ensures clients can get their favorable outcomes. 
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries: Felice’s team of attorneys also offers expert legal representation arising due to complex spinal cord injuries that can even result in paralysis or other long-term disabilities. The firm is also adept in addressing the complex medical issues involved in securing the necessary basis of financial support for medical care, loss of income, and rehabilitation. 
  3. Traumatic Brain Injuries: Tim Felice is extremely adept at providing support to victims who have undergone head injuries that have immensely impacted their overall brain function. In that case, these cases often need a deeper understanding of the medical aspects of TBIs and the work of his firm to ensure that their clients are receiving proper compensation for their medical expenses. They also ensure that their clients don’t suffer from any negligence that can lead to loss of quality of their lives. 
  4. Negligent Security: In this case, Felice Trial Attorneys advocates for the clients who are injured because of inadequate security measures in outdoor premises. Tim Felice even advocates for people who got harmed because the property owners failed to ensure them a safe environment or are unwilling to pay for the restitution of their injuries. 
  5. Pedestrian Accidents: In this case, the Felice Trial Attorneys advocate for individuals who got injured while walking around in public places. He exp[ertises in covering all the incidents that involve cars, bicycling or even unsafe walking conditions. It also helps in negotiating with the insurance companies to protect the overall rights of the pedestrian. 
  6. Workplace Injuries: Tim Felice’s team is adept in handling cases involving injuries that took place at your workplace. The firm thus helps the clients to navigate through various worker’s compensations and claims when necessary. 
  7. Construction Accidents: The firm handles legal issues that primarily take place on construction sites. The firm aims to ensure you secure compensation for these construction site accidents. 
  8. Medical Malpractice: Tim Felice represents the clients affected by medical negligence. This includes various surgical errors and delayed diagnosis. Improper treatment by healthcare professionals also falls under the spectrum. Felice Trial Attorney is committed to holding on to proving the accountability of the medical practitioners and obtaining other fair compensations for their clients.
  9. Dog Bite Accidents: The firm also represents the victims of dog bites and other animal attacks. Tim Felice and his associates can understand the physical and emotional trauma involved in this matter. Hence, his team handles this issue with utmost care and aims for settlements covering medical treatments, psychological counseling, and other related damages. 

Vehicle Accidents 

  1. Car Accidents: Felice Trial Attorneys are adept in providing proper legal services for people involved in car accidents. There are seasoned legal experts who navigate through these complicated legal issues on a daily basis from dealing with insurance damages to even vehicular repairs. This finally helps them to financially and emotionally recover from this incident. 
  2. Truck Accidents: Truck accidents are also extremely severe and Tim Felice’s team helps you out with this issue as promptly as possible. The team has specialized knowledge about the government guidance regarding the trucking industry. The firm works diligently to investigate these incidents determine the liability and ensure proper compensation. 
  3. Motorcycle Accidents: Advocating for motorcyclists injured on the road, Tim Felice understands the unique challenges faced by riders, including the severe injuries that can occur and the common prejudices against motorcyclists in traffic incidents. His firm provides aggressive representation to ensure that motorcyclists receive fair treatment in the legal system and are compensated for their medical treatment, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.
  4. Bicycle Accidents: Specialized legal care for cyclists involved in accidents is another area of expertise for Felice Trial Attorneys. Tim Felice and his team recognize the vulnerabilities cyclists face on the roads and offer tailored legal solutions to help injured cyclists. They handle everything from negotiating with insurance companies to litigating against at-fault drivers, ensuring that cyclists’ rights are protected and that they receive adequate compensation for their injuries and any damage to their bicycles.


Timothy Felice exemplifies the role of a dedicated attorney who not only seeks justice for his clients but also makes a lasting impact on the broader legal community. His comprehensive approach to client representation, coupled with his commitment to legal education, makes him a standout figure in Florida’s legal landscape. His firm, Felice Trial Attorneys, continues to offer a wide range of services aimed at advocating for those harmed by negligence and wrongdoing.

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