X Takes Legal Action Against Media Matters Reports Of Anti-Semitism
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X Takes Legal Action Against Media Matters Reports Of Anti-Semitism

| November 24, 2023

The Musk-owned social media platform, X has sued Media Matters on Monday.

Media Matters is a media watchdog agency and is the defendant to this lawsuit.

This lawsuit claims that Media Matters has defamed the social media platform with its notorious report. It all started after Media Matters went on to publish a report that claimed the major brand ads appeared right next to the posts. This was apparently touting Hitler and his Nazi party.

X (previously Twitter) has, in turn, faced some severe backlash after the publication of this Thursday report by Media Matters. This led Comcast, IBM, and other significant advertisers to withdraw their ads from the platform in response.

The report even coincided with X-owner Elon Musk agreeing to a post on the platform. The said post falsely alleged that Jewish individuals fueled animosity against white people.

In the lawsuit of U.S. District Court, Texas, X alleges that Media Matters has only “manipulated” X. They apparently did so by only following major brand accounts. They also followed users who only shared fringe content.

This lawsuit says that Media Matters “engaged in continuous scrolling and refreshing” of their feed. They apparently continued to do this until such ads came alongside extremist posts.

According to the lawsuit, Media Matters’ report distorted the typical user experience on X “with the aim of harming X and its business.”

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