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What Bachelor Law Degree Is Best For Law School ?

| November 16, 2023

A prestigious lawyer. Power, respect, and some good money. Who wouldn’t want that? Do you want to get the best legal jobs? Are you wonder if getting a bachelor law degree would be a good idea? Well, if you are thinking of getting a law degree, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss your best foot forward with a bachelor law degree. Before we begin with the big talks, let us have a quick chat.

Law And A Bright Future

Before you can think about your career, take a breather. A law degree can either be a bachelor law degree, master’s degree in law, or a PHD in law. Either of these can get pretty complicated. However, you must not let the nerves get to you.

Moreover, If you do indeed want a successful career in law, do your research first. Think about the Universities or law schools you want to apply for your JD (Juris Doctor). JD is actually the official name of a bachelor law degree. Juris means law and doctor means someone who has considerable knowledge on the subject.

After you carry out your own research, you will have your own preference of law schools. Check the LSAT scores that your law school of choice requires. And bam. You are halfway done. Now is your time to simply study and prepare for the aptitude test, aka, the LSAT.

Now, let us begin.

What Bachelor Degree For Law School?

If you are reading up on a bachelor law degree, there are two aspects to it.
a. You might be wondering which degree to choose before you get your bachelor’s in law/JD.

b. Moreover, you may also be wondering the whereabouts of your JD degree.

Either way, we got you covered. So, let us take each of these aspects one by one.

What Is The Best Bachelor Degree For Law School?

A good bachelor law degree journey comes along with a good college major. Many students consider following a pre-law degree before getting their law degree, however, that is not possible. Instead, you need to choose a major like Political Science, Math, Philosophy, and so on.

Your GPA Matters, So Be Wise

When applying to a bachelor law degree you law school and degree matters. Your college GPA and the difficulty of your courses are important. So, it’s important that you focus on your studies during your undergraduate years.

Build Your Analytical Power

Lawyers must think critically and analyze details in arguments. These are the exact skills that the LSAT tests. If you pick subjects like the Classics, Linguistics, and Mathematics, you will develop analytical skills easily. These will help you hone your critical reasoning abilities while building an attention to detail.

Additionally, law students deal with many papers and exams. They have to write a lot, take notes, and study long hours. Law questions come with lengthy written responses. Therefore, it will help you strengthen your writing to choose a major that requires writing regularly. After all you will have to learn how to write a legal brief eventually.

List Of Subjects And Your Bachelor Law Degree

The list is based on the percentage of students that get into law school.

Political Science As A Major

Admittance Rate: 74.0%

Average LSAT Score: 156.03

Political science involves studying lawmaker’s decisions and elements of the government. Therefore, this is what makes political Science the top choice for law school. The highest admission rate or LSAT score does not come from pol-sci. However, a major part of the law school applicants have it as a major.

Economics As A Major

Admittance Rate: 78.2%

Average LSAT Score: 161.71

Economics provides a balanced experience. For people students applying for commercial law, tax law and federal regulation, economics is the perfect major.

History As A Major

Admittance Rate: 79.1%

Average LSAT Score: 158.95

An understanding of the history of laws is vital for law interpretation. They go through the precedents, meaning, and applicability of a law. Moreover, they even study the social context for legislation. It’s an excellent major for a person looking to get a bachelor law degree.

Thus, these are the most popular college majors for a JD degree.

How To Get Your Bachelor Law Degree/ Jd Degree?

Let us say that you are currently in high school. What now? What should be your next steps to get a law degree? Read and find out!

  • First, you have to take your school courses very seriously. Pay special attention to English, history, and social sciences. Good grades and a report rich in extracurriculars are a foundation for a successful future.
  • To become a lawyer after high school, you first need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree. Therefore, As we talked about before, you can choose the subject you like.
  • Remember to keep your grades high. Next, start to prepare for and take the LSAT. It is the law school admission test. a test to get into law schools. Now, you will have to start applying to law schools you’re interested in.
  • Additionally, You will have to submit your test scores and other necessary documents.
  • Once the law school accepts you, you will be studying law for the next years. After graduating, you have your bachelor law degree or your JD. Next, you will need to pass the bar exam in the state where you want to practice law.
  • You could try to get practical experience through internships or jobs. You could even get a masters and specialize in an area of law you enjoy. Finally, apply for a license to practice law in your state. Remember, it takes hard work, but with determination, you can do it!

To Conclude

Before studying law, you need to understand that it can be a demanding discipline. A bachelor in law requires critical thinking and strong communication skills. Be sure to do your research on different law schools and their programs.

Moreover, it is always a great idea to realize the kind of commitment it all takes. Legal education is time-consuming and expensive. Be prepared for extensive reading and writing. Lastly, take note of all the responsibilities that come with practicing law. 

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