Fresh Sexual Assault Lawsuits Target Cuba Gooding Junior
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Fresh Sexual Assault Lawsuits Target Cuba Gooding Jr

| November 23, 2023

New allegations of sexual assault come to the surface against Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr. Two women have come forward with these charges. These cases were part of a criminal prosecution against the Oscar-winning actor. It all led to his guilty plea. However, he will not be serving jail time.

One of the plaintiffs filed the complaint in a state court of New York state in Manhattan. The plaintiff, Jasmine Abbay, held that the “Jerry Maguire” actor has kissed her, forcibly. She clearly mentioned her lack of consent on the matter. This incident took place in September of 2018. The plaintiff worked as a cocktail waitress at a nightclub called “LAVO” in Manhattan.

The second plaintiff, Kelsey Harbert, alleged that Gooding touched her breast without consent in June 2019 at the Magic Hour rooftop bar, also located in midtown.

Attorneys who previously represented Gooding in lawsuits and criminal cases related to his alleged sexual misconduct did not promptly reply to requests for comment.

“Our clients were deprived of the justice they sought in the criminal case. They are now seeking justice and accountability in their civil cases.” Said the lawyer for one of the plaintiffs.

Abbay and Harbert, the two plaintiffs are now pursuing “unspecified” damages for the grounds of assault and battery. These charges stand under the provisions “Adult Survivors Act”.

The Act is a unique legislation of the New York state. It enables all women to pursue legal actions against abusers. The best part is that they can do so even after the statutes of limitations have passed. 

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