Two “Proud Boys” Sentenced To 32 Years For The Capitol Riot
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Two “Proud Boys” Sentenced To 32 Years For The Capitol Riot

| September 1, 2023

Former leaders of the “Proud Boys” rightist group are going to prison for the capital riot. The Proud Boys is a North American exclusively male rightist, neo-fascist, militant organization. We know it’s activities to promote violence. It was founded way back in 2016 and has since openly supported Donald Trump. 

What Happened?

Joseph Biggs and Zachary Rehl got a sentence of 17 years and 15 years, respectively. The charges against them are for seditious conspiracy and other crimes committed during the capital riot two years back. 

Mr. Joseph Biggs is a veteran of the US military services. He is one of the lead members who helped the “Proud Boys” far-right group take over the capital on January 6, 2021. 

Mr. Rehl was also a leader of the Philadelphia section of the Proud Boys. 

What Did Judge Timothy Say?

The judge in the case sentenced Mr. Biggs to 3 years of supervised release. Judge Timothy also stated that there is a ban on Mr. Biggs from interacting with any organization that promotes violence against the government. 

The judge said that Mr. Biggs and Mr. Rehl took part in a national disgrace and contributed to complete destruction of the “American Peaceful Transfer of Power.” 

The sentence for Mr. Bigg is less than 33 years, and Mr. Rehl’s is below 30 years. These were the prison sentences requested by the prosecutors. 

In May 2023, the court of jurisdiction convicted both of them, along with former members of the far-right organization. Other convicts in this case include Mr. Enrique Tarrio, the national chairman of the Proud Boys, and Ethan Nordean, another member.

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