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10 Longest Prison Sentences In The World – Latest Update 2021

| March 20, 2021

Prisons are generally considered to be places where criminals are rehabilitated. Criminals get a lot of time in prison. Most criminals take this time to reflect on the sins they have committed. But many criminals are not that lucky. Some are sentenced to lifetime imprisonment, whereas some are sentenced to death. 

But there are a handful of criminals that receive the longest prison sentence. The duration of these prison sentences of some criminals is bound to shock you. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the longest prison sentences ever received. These prison sentences are longer than the life of an average person. 

As a reader, I hope you can imagine the severity of the crimes these criminals committed. Read this article at your own risk as some crimes may trigger and shock some people. So without wasting any further time, let us take a look at some of the longest prison sentences ever received. 

Ten Longest Prison Sentences In The World

To know the longest prison sentence in the world, read this article to the end. I would suggest you be mentally prepared as it is not for the faint of hearts.  

Prisoner No. 1: Chamoy Thipyaso

Country: Thailand

Chamoy ThipyasoChamoy Tiposa is the first person on this list who has received the longest prison sentence. The duration of his prison sentence was a whopping 141 078 years. I mean, can you even imagine? 

She was charged with the fraud of 16,000 people, which earned her over $200 million.  Back in 1989, a judge sentenced her to 141 078 years in prison; however, she was released after she served eight years.  

Prisoner No. 2: Otman, Jamal Zougam, And Emilio Suarez Trashorras

Country: Spain

Otman, Jamal Zougam, & Emilio Suarez TrashorrasThese are the names of three terrorists that were involved in the Madrid train bombings, which resulted in the death of 191 people. Zougham was the one who planned it; he was sentenced to imprisonment up to 42,922 years, while Gnaoui was given a couple of years more. Email received a slightly lesser sentence of  34,715. 

Prisoner No. 3: Charles Scott Robinson

Country: The United States Of America

Charles Scott Robinson is very infamous for receiving the longest sentence in the United States. He was convicted of raping six children. The jurors made sure that he could never walk free again. 

They recommended that he should serve 5000 years for each of his victims. This was the longest prison sentence in America. He could apply for parole when we would turn 108 years.  

Prisoner No. 4: Allan Wayne McLaurin And Darron Bennalford Anderson

Country: The United States Of America

Allan McLaurin & Darron AndersonThese two people are known for raping and torturing a newly married woman for several hours. They were sentenced to a combined 6,475 years. 

They are two of the most dangerous people in America. Also, they serve as good examples of the longest prison sentence that two people have served.  

Prisoner No. 5: Dudley Wayne Kyzer

Country: The United States Of America

Dudley Wayne KyzerDudley Wayne Kyzer was convicted of shooting his wife, his mother in law and a college student on the night of Halloween back in 1976.  

The judge found him guilty of killing his wife, mother in law and the college student and sentenced him to 10,000 years in prison. Add to that; he got a life sentence for each of the murders.  

Prisoner No. 6: Martin Bryant

Country: Australia

Martin BryantMartin Bryant is known to be one of the most dangerous mass murderers of all time. He received the longest prison sentence in Australia of 1035 years for mass murdering 35 people. He was also responsible for wounding another 23. 

All these nuisances happened back in 1996 at Port Arthur in Australia. According to reports, he was inspired by Dunblane in Scotland.  

Prisoner No. 7: James Eagan Holmes

Country: The United States Of America

James Eagan HolmesThe story of James Eagan Holmes is going to shake you up. He was involved in the shooting in the sets of the Dark Knight Rises. This horrific shooting killed two and injured over 70 people. 

He was also proved to be a criminal mastermind as he booby-trapped his entire apartment with explosives. He was sentenced to 3 3018 years without the possibility of parole.   

Prisoner No. 8: Billy Joe Godfrey

Country: The United States Of America

Billy Joe GodfreyIt came as a shock to all the citizens of America when Billy’s stepson came out and revealed that he had been physically abused for a long time in his childhood. 

When the court found out of this, he was sentenced to 35 life sentences which resulted in 1050 years.  This is the most important point you need to know to learn the longest prison sentence.  

Prisoner No. 9: Bobbie Joe Long

Country: The United States Of America

Bobbie Joe LongBobbie Joe Long is the infamous person, convicted of raping more than 50 women and killing 25 others. According to reports, he has some hormonal problems, which led him to grow breasts. 

He also had a very weird relationship with his mother, which led to him committing such crimes. He was sentenced to 99 years in prison with a death sentence.   

Prisoner No. 10: Rene Lopez,

Country: The United States Of America

Rene LopezIn order to understand the story of Rene Lopez, you had to go back to 2016. This was the year where he was found guilty of sexually assaulting 186 people.  He was convicted of raping and killing his own daughter.  

According to the jurors, he made his daughter pregnant; He was sentenced to 1503 years in prison. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it; that was the longest prison sentence in the world. I hope you have found this article to be informative. I hope this article has given you clear insights into how long prison sentences can be.  

If you have some questions or feedback for us, kindly drop them down in the comment section. We will try our best to answer each one of your queries.

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