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Rudy Guliani To Face Criminal Investigation For Possible Interference By Trump In 2020 General Elections

| August 16, 2022 | Last Updated on: August 22, 2022

Atlanta Prosecutors intimated Giuliani’s Advocates of a criminal investigation that is to take place. Then President Donald Trump and others have been accused of interfering in General Elections 2020 in Georgia. 

Bob Costello, one of Giuliani’s lawyers, reported that another one of Giuliani’s lawyers was told by Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade that Giuliani was going to be under criminal investigation. 

Fani Willis, a district attorney from Fulton County began the investigation in 2021. A jury for this purpose was set up at her request. Judge McBurney who is supervising the said jury has asked for Mr. Giuliani to present himself to the panel and testify on Wednesday. 

In the earlier month, Willis had applied for a petition seeking testimonials of seven of Trump’s associates. The Judges of the states where each associate resides were approached for that purpose. Willis has stated that Mr. Giuliani served as Donald Trump’s personal and lead lawyer. 

The case apparently revolves around Mr. Giuliani claiming that he had watched a video of election workers having brought suitcases full of false ballots from illegitimate sources, and these were done away from the public eye.

Mr.Giuliani had continued to make such claims even after the video was debunked. Evidence has shown this to be a part of Trump’s plan to claim vote-related fraud in Georgia. 

US Senator Graham is one among the associates who are to testify. He will be asked if Trump and associates had gone against any of the laws to overturn the election results in Trump’s favor.

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