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Idaho Court Questions Planned Parenthood And The State

| August 4, 2022

Aug 4: The Supreme Court of Idaho questions Planned Parenthood and the state vigorously asking if the anti-abortion laws set to take effect this month should be blocked. Planned Parenthood had earlier requested the court for the same stating how dangerous the ban could be as it hindered access to abortions necessary to save lives. 

The first legislation to take effect on the 25th of August will ban all abortions except for the ones that exist out of rape, incest, or if the pregnancy is life-threatening for the mother.

The second law is modeled after the one that took effect in Texas in June, and the third one is to ban all abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. 

Mr. Schoenfeld, the attorney representing Planned Parenthood stated that the Court could declare the upcoming laws unconstitutional based on the technicalities. The esteemed Judges questioned if they could pass a verdict on this issue as they were not medical professionals and scientific evidence could be required. 

He stated how it was going to be difficult for medical professionals to decide which situations or what amount of risk was worth the jail or prosecution that was to follow. 

The anti-abortion laws are facing 3 lawsuits in the State Supreme Court by Planned Parenthood. In addition to that, the Biden government has also filed another suit as an action against the state’s attempt to pass anti-abortion laws. 

The Biden government seems to be utilizing this opportunity to get the US population on its side in the upcoming November elections.

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