Are Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Headed For A Divorce?
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Are Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Headed For A Divorce?

| September 12, 2023

One of the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas, and his wife, Sofie Turner, are headed for a divorce, according to recent media reports.

The stunning couple were married for almost 4 years. They have two daughters together (one is named Willa, and the other’s name is publicly unknown.

Why Are Joe And Sophie Getting Divorced?

The media outlet TMZ has reported that the couple has been having serious problems for the past 6 months.

A separate source has reported that the two children that the couple shares are with Joe all the time. The Jonas Brothers have been touring the US for quite a while now. In such a condition, the kids being with their father has been quite a hassle, the source says.

Both of them have been spotted by media outlets without their wedding rings.

Recently, Joe Jonas has apparently met with divorce lawyers to seek counsel on the matter.

When Did Joe Jonas And Sophie Meet?

Joe Jonas had slid into Sophie’s DMs back in October 2016. Sophie had said that they had a lot of mutual friends. Their friends had been trying to introduce the couple for a long time. Sophi told this in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Very soon, Joe invited Sophie to meet up with him while his tour was passing through the United Kingdom. They had talked for hours and hours, and Sophie wasn’t bored, she said.

After dating for quite a while, they tied the knot in May 2019. It was an impromptu surprise wedding that took place in Las Vegas.

The couple welcomed their first child in July 2020 and their second in July 2022.

So, What Happens Now?

Both Game of Thrones fans and Jonas Brothers fans have been devastated by the news. However, we do not confirm anything as of yet.

To know more about what goes on with Joe and Sofie, stay tuned to The Legal Guides.

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