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Read This Before You Type Out Your Rental Application!

| August 29, 2023

Are you very interested in living in that beautiful apartment that you have had your eyes on? Is it finally up for rent? Do you want to write the best even rental application so that the landlord chooses you among hundreds of other applicants? Well, read on! Did you know that the average rent for an apartment with two bedrooms in New York City costs between $4000-9000? 

However, if you want to buy the same one, it’ll easily cost you up to a few million dollars. This is why we prefer rental properties, right?

If you are going to be a tenant somewhere, you should expect your landlord to double-check your details before you sign the lease agreement.

  • Do you pay the rent on time?
  • Do you complain a lot without any proper reason?
  • Have you caused any damages to your previous rental property?
  • Are you fit according to the guidelines late down in this rental property?
  • These are the things that a landlord usually checks before setting up a new tenant.

And these are exactly the kind of details that your landlord will be checking for in your application.  It would be a good option to consult your tenant lawyer before you send out your application. In this article, we will help you sort out all your problems regarding the rental application, your tenant rights regarding it, and its timeline. So, without much delay, let’s begin. 

What Is A Rental Application?

A rental application is a document stating the details of a person who is interested in renting a property. This document is filled out by the person interested and submitted to the landlord of the property or any real estate company that manages the property.

What To Include In A Rental Application?

Your application can include your personal information. This helps landlords make informed decisions about whether they will be a good fit for the tenancy.

Personal Info

Your personal information in the application should include the full legal names of all parties that will be living in the apartment as tenants, their contact information, and any other details necessary.

The precise number of people who will be living in this rental property. The relationship that they share with the main applicant of the rental property.

Income Source And Details

You will also be needed to list out details of your employment. It can be a business, your employer’s name, the office address, your job title, and of course, your income.

A lot of landlords tend to ask for details of previous employment. This is to check if you are a long-term employed individual and if you can afford the regular rental payments. history.

You might also need to furnish proof of your income, such as payslips of the past 3-6 months or employment verification letters. The stress is on checking if you can afford the rent. Many tenants tend to be regular in the first few months but, later on, become quite irregular.

Info On Previous Rentals

You will need to give the details of previous rentals that you lived in. It should include the landlord’s contact information and your reasons for moving. The landlords might contact previous landlords to check what kind of a tenant you were, what their complaints against you are, etc.

Personal and professional references who can vouch for the applicant’s character, reliability, and financial responsibility.

Loan Or Background Info

Many rental applications require you to allow the landlord to check if you have any outstanding debts. The applicant’s financial history, criminal record, and other personal information will help them choose a safe tenant that is not in trouble of any sort.

What Else Can It Include?

If you are not the sole primary applicant, if there are co-guarantors for the lease, or if you have a guarantor to back you up, you need to provide their information in the rental application.

Pet Details

If you have a pet or pets, your rental application should state that very clearly. Some landlords can ask for detailed information such as the dog’s breed, size, etc.

Emergency Info

Make sure that you don’t miss out on any necessary Information, such as the person to contact in case of an emergency.

Rental applications don’t just include your details. They can also be used to convey specific preferences or requests related to the rental property, such as move-in date, lease term, or desired amenities.

Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are clear on the necessary elements that you should include in your rental application let us answer some of your questions about them.

Q1. How Do You Know If Your Rental Application Is Approved?

Answer: Once you have submitted your application to the landlord, they may provide any sort of acknowledgment either by email or by providing verbal confirmation. If you have already submitted the application, it may take the landlord of few days or even a few weeks to get back to you with their response.

Q2. How Long Does It Take For A Rental Application To Be Approved?

Answer: It might take around 1 to 4 days to approve the application. However, please note that background checks, credit checks, and reference checks can take more time than that. The greater the number of applicants, the greater the time taken. Therefore after your landlord has gone through your rental application and has approved it, you might receive an email or a phone call personally informing you about the approval.

Q3. What Happens After Rental Application Is Approved?

Answer: After your application has been approved by your landlord, it is time for you to go over the lease agreement and sign it if both you, the tenant, and the landlord agree with the terms.

Final Word

Rental Applications might seem daunting at first, especially if you have been dreaming about this particular rental property for a while. We know! However, make sure to double-check all details before you finally submit your application. Keep the tone polite but formal. We wish you a smooth transaction!

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