Trump Disputes Judge, Voices Concerns About New York Fraud Trial
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Trump Disputes Judge, Voices Concerns About New York Fraud Trial

| November 7, 2023

The ex-POTUS has apparently been subject to unfair treatment. Mr. Donald Trump has spoken about receiving unfair treatment during his trial. He has provided a testimony that is defiant and rambling, according to news reports. 

His behavior on the witness stand during his civil fraud trial was a matter of scrutiny in numerous news articles. The trial had his business in New York as its subject. The disputed trial took place on Monday. 

Moreover, the nature of the trial/Trump’s behavior even prompted the judge to threaten him. Judge Engoron said that he would cut Trump’s testimony short due to his non-cooperative behavior. 

Mr. Trump was under questioning regarding his company’s practices related to accounting. Trump’s behavior clearly agitated and aggravated Judge Arthur Engoron. The esteemed Judge was weighing if he would impose millions in fines and penalties due to this adverse behavior.

Such massive fine amounts would result in the toppling of the real estate empire that help Trump’s current prominence.

Engoron has issued a warning to Trump, who is to be a Republican candidate in the 2024 Presidential election. The judge stated that he will proceed to remove Trump from the witness stand if the former President does not respond to questions correctly.

“Can you control your client?” Judge Engoron Mr. Christopher Kise, Trump’s lawyer. “This is not a political rally. This is a courtroom.” He added.

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