Hunter Biden's Legal Team Sues Trump Ex-Staffer Over Privacy Breaches
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Hunter Biden’s Legal Team Sues Trump Ex-Staffer Over Privacy Breaches

| September 15, 2023

The first son’s legal team seems to be playing on an offense. President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s legal team, is suing a house staffer of Mr Donald Trump. 

The son of the president of The United States is accusing Mr. Garrett Ziegler of violating Federal computer privacy laws and California State laws.

This lawsuit came from Hunter’s legal team on Wednesday. The details of the suit reveal an objection to Mr Garret’s publication of sensitive material from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Garrett had published the contents of Mr. Hunter Biden’s laptop as well as of his encrypted iPhone backup. 

This step marks an escalation of the fights relating to the Trump and Biden Presidency battle.

Since he lives in California now, Hunter Biden’s lawsuit came on Wednesday in a  federal court of the Central District.  

His legal team had requested the US Justice Department to initiate criminal investigations of Mr. Garret Ziegler and others who were actively a part of the privacy breach incident.

The lawsuit comes at a precarious time. Recently, the House Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated an impeachment inquiry against Biden. 

He claimed President Biden was actively involved in, and also pocketed profits from, his son’s “business activities.”

The lawsuit says that ever since Mr. Garret left the White House, he “has devoted most of his waking time and energy to accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying and otherwise using” the sensitive data.

This lawsuit also brings into question the incendiary comments from Mr. Ziegler. He had passed these comments in the recent weeks before Hunter’s legal team filed the lawsuit.

“Within the last two weeks, Defendant Ziegler went so far as to declare on social media that efforts by Plaintiff to serve him with legal process in the future would met with violence: 

‘If the US pResident’s son sends a proxy [i.e., a process server] to illegally trespass on my property I will blow their f—ing brains out,’” the lawsuit clearly notes.

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