Fox News Disposes Of A Lawsuit Claiming $787.5 Million For Defamation
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Fox News Disposes Of A Lawsuit Claiming $787.5 Million For Defamation

| August 23, 2023

On Tuesday, Fox News disposed of a lawsuit with a claim of $787.5 million as a deformation settlement. The lawsuit was launched against the media giant by Dominion Voting Systems.

Are There More?

There is yet another lawsuit claiming a settlement of 2.7 billion. This claim was made by another US-based voting technology company called Smartmatic. Both lawsuits were related to the coverage of the debunked election rigging claims made by these two media outlets.

Fox Corporation, Fox News’s parent company, went through a 6-week trial in the Delaware Superior Court. It was settled at 1.6 billion, the largest ever defamation settlement amount to be announced by a Media company that is US based. Dominion had claimed double the amount. 

Facts Of The Case

The Fox News Company is one of the most influential news networks in the world. The judge in the case found that certain claims about the Dominion lawsuit were not true. Representatives of the Fox News Channel have finally denied all allegations related to both cases.There has been speculation that Dominion’s deal reached with Fox could mean that the Smartmatic settlement is open to discussion too. Smartmatic is seeking damages worth 2.7 billion dollars from the fox news agency, as well as from 5 other individuals, including Donald Trump’s attorneys. 

Current Situation

Fox News, while denying allegations as outrageous, unsupported, and not rooted in sound financial analysis, has not stated that it is willing to settle. Lawyers of the Fox News Agency have stated that they want meaningful institutional changes made at the news channel. A Professor at the University of Tennessee, Mr. Brotman, has said that smart metric has a bargaining chip. Fox being willing to write out a big cheque could be a game changer.

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