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What Are The Law Schools That Don’t Require LSAT?

| December 22, 2023

Are there any law schools that don’t require LSAT? Many would like to know the answer to it. Online law degree or offline, it is always quite demanding a discipline. Therefore, it would be nice if there was one less hurdle to getting to that much-coveted law degree. Right?

Law schools are places that most find extremely hard to get admission to. Moreover, these prestigious institutions come with extensive requirements. There is tough competition, long application procedures, and more. 

One more requirement is a high LSAT score. Luckily, in the recent times, some of the law schools offer LSAT waivers. There are law schools that don’t require LSAT.

LSAT its quite dreaded. Many find it to be an obstacle that they simply cannot handle. Thus, in our article, we will talk about the list of law schools that don’t require LSAT or GRE. So, let us begin!

Covering The Basics: What Is The LSAT?

The moment we think about What can you do with a law degree, we also wonder how to get one. Well, one most common way to get a law degree is by appearing for the Law School Admission Test.


The LSAT is the standardized exam for getting into most law schools of the USA. All law schools that accredit students from the American Bar Association usually require you to take the LSAT.

However, there are exceptions to this and there are some law schools that don’t require LSAT.

Moreover, some law schools even accept other entrances like the GRE or GMAT. Both the LSAT and the GRE evaluate the skills of a potential law student. These exams test the logic, critical thinking, and reading comprehension skills of the student.

Thus, the LSAT serves as the main entrance exam for law schools across the USA. There is a lot of pressure on students to excel and become a top scorers in the LSAT. After all, if a strong candidate brings in good LSAT scores, it increases their chances of getting good scholarships.

Is LSAT A Must For Law Schools?

Are there any online law schools that don’t require LSAT? Or are there any offline ones? There are indeed many law schools that ask you to provide good LSAT scores. Fortunately for us, the correct answer is many. 

Therefore, not all law schools require you to take LSATs. In fact, a number of US top universities choose to slowly but gradually waive off the LSAT requirement.

Thus, it is almost like these schools feel that it is unfair to judge the potential of a future lawyer.

Is GRE The New LSAT?

There aren’t possibly any law schools that don’t require LSAT, are there? As per a report from the ETS, a body that administers the GRE, over half of the law schools are preferring the GRE. 

Thus, instead of considering the LSAT scores of a student they are looking for GRE score. This list also includes the acclaimed T14 institutions. For example, the Harvard and Stanford schools of law.

However, we should probably mention that GRE is not mandated as the LSAT alternative exam. Law schools may even not consider the GMAT. This is possible, especially if there is a doctoral program that the student took along with legal studies. Moreover, an additional MBA in a legal sub-field will sweeten the deal even more.

So, What Are The Law Schools That Don’t Require LSAT?

There are certain law schools don’t require LSAT requirement. Instead, they are choosing alternative assessment methods. The Graduate Record Exam is one such alternative that is mostly meant for grad school applications. Thus, the GRE scores are accepted in several leading law schools in place of the LSAT.

The List

These are the law schools that don’t require LSAT.

– The University of Southern California, Gould School of Law

– University of Texas, Austin, School of Law

– University of Georgia

– Washington University in St. Louis

– Brigham Young University Clark Law School

– Wake Forest University

– Boston University

– University of Notre Dame

– Boston College

– Fordham University

What Is The List Of Law Schools That Don’t Require LSAT or GRE?

There are many law schools that don’t require LSAT or GRE to admit students into their graduate law programs. Be it on-campus programs or online, there are options for you to study law without having to take the LSAT or GRE. 

The List

So, a list of these institutions includes.

– Columbia University

– University of Hawaii at Manoa

– The University of Denver

– University of St Thomas

– Harvard Law School

– Massachusetts School of Law

Remember that these are among the 79 universities that offer online bachelors as well as master’s programs. At least 20 law schools in the US do not mandate GRE or LSAT scores for admission. There are 18 universities that don’t require LSAT or GRE scores for on-campus law programs.

Are There Law Schools That Require GMAT And Not LSAT Scores?

Law schools in the United States may consider the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores. However, the number of these colleges are really a handful. However, here’s a list of law schools that don’t require LSAT scores but consider GMAT scores instead.

– University of Chicago Law School

– The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

– University of Virginia School of Law

– Cornell Law School

– Georgetown University

– University of South Carolina

To Conclude

Thus, now that we have come across the list of law schools that don’t require LSAT scores let’s do a quick recap. All law schools across the U.S. and Canada allow any UG degree holder to apply. There is no particular field that is best suited or advised for a pre-law degree. However, a robust GPA is always a plus to your application.

For aspiring candidates eyeing the top 10 law schools in the U.S. ask them to keep a minimum of 3.5 GPA. Therefore, hold tight and keep studying!

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