Writers Are Suing ChatGPT Again
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Writers Are Suing ChatGPT Again

| September 14, 2023

Media House Reuters reports say that Writers are suing ChatGPT again.

Multiple American authors are suing ChatGPT. The group includes the Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon. They are suing the AI platform along with the parent company OpenAI.

The plaintiffs have filed the lawsuit in the federal court of San Francisco. Through the lawsuit, they are accusing the Microsoft-backed program of misusing their original work. The Microsoft-backed platform has been making use of their writing without their consent.

This is not the first lawsuit against OpenAI. Multiple people have expressed concern about how the platform uses data to train its popular artificial intelligence (AI)–powered chatbot ChatGPT. 

The legal issue arises because OpenAI does not ask original owners before using their work. 

The plaintiffs of the lawsuit include Chabon, authors Matthew Klam, Rachel Louise Snyder, and Ayelet Waldman, and playwright David Henry Hwang. 

They have claimed in their lawsuit that OpenAI has plagiarized their original work without permission. 

This lawsuit from Friday also states in detail that OpenAI uses this data to train ChatGPT to respond to human prompts.

Legal representatives of Chabonā€™s have answered the queries about the lawsuit. However, OpenAIā€™s lawyers and representatives were not seen responding to comment requests immediately. 

The lawsuit marks the third of its kind. There are multiple copyright-infringement class action lawsuits in process lately. They have all been filed by authors against the Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

Not just OpenAI, Microsoft itself, Meta Platforms, and Stability AI are also facing lawsuits from copyright owners. Most of these come with similar claims over the use of their work in AI training.

OpenAI and other platforms are arguing that the use of original work in AI training falls under fair usage policies of copyrighted material.

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