Wednesday's Vote On Biden Impeachment Inquiry Expected In Gop-Led House
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Wednesday’s Vote On Biden Impeachment Inquiry Expected In Gop-Led House

| December 12, 2023

On Wednesday, the GOP-led U.S. House of Representatives plans to vote. This step will officially formalize its inquiry for the impeachment of the Democratic leader and President of the US, Mr. Joe Biden. This information is according to a Reuters news report.

The beginning of the voting procedure was indicated by a Republican leadership aide on Monday.

The aide requested anonymity due to the uncertain nature of official floor plans. Earlier Monday, a Republican legislator shared that House Speaker Mike Johnson revealed intentions the vote to be taking place on Thursday.

This will take place during a session behind closed-doors. This schedule is apparently being echoed by several other Republicans.

The House apparently be departing from Washington on Thursday. It will only resume after a year-end holiday recess. Reports say that the recess will be spanning over a period of three weeks.

Members of the Republican House allege that the Democratic president has gained improper profits from Biden’s policy decisions. These benefits have apparently extended to their family too.  Thus, all of these controversial decisions were made in Biden’s current term. They also hold that these controversial decisions begun when he started his office term as the vice president to Obama from the year 2009 to 2017.

They’ve additionally alleged the DOJ of the U.S. of improperly influencing an inquiry involving Hunter Biden. Hunter is a businessman and the first son of the US. The Justice Department of the USA refutes any misconduct.

Representative Kelly Armstrong, a Republican, presented a 14-page resolution on Thursday. Through it, she seeks a full House vote to authorize the investigation.

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