US Federal Government Takes Legal Steps To Stop Titanic Expedition
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US Federal Government Takes Legal Steps To Stop Titanic Expedition

| September 1, 2023

The United States is taking action to stop a planned expedition to the Titanic. This planned expedition will recover artifacts from Titanic wreckage. The expedition will likely take place next year.

RMS Titanic Inc. 

RMS Titanic Inc. is the name of the firm that has exclusive Salvage rights to the Titanic wreck. The company made efforts to arrange an expedition that would not include any crew members. According to reports, the expedition is only going to happen to capture photos of the ship and explore inside its hull.

The United States government has firmly asserted that the ship is a respected burial site under the terms of U.S. federal law and international agreements. From reports, we know that the government is facing a legal battle that does not relate to the submarine incident.

June Submarine Implosion

However, the incident in June, where multiple people lost their lives, is not making matters any easier. The submarine had imploded only after some time in the ocean. Official sources declared all five people in the submarine to be dead.

The June incident is unrelated to the current legal battle. This new vessel that will be going in to collect information and photos will have a different company and an unusual design.

This legal battle is going on in the US district court in Norfolk, Virginia. The United States Federal government holds that the company’s plan to explore the Titanic’s severed hull will be a clear violation of federal law. The federal government still holds that the ship is a memorial site. It stands as a revered ground for 1,500 people who died when the ship hit an iceberg and sank.

As of now, the United States government is worried. Official sources state that the expedition will cause damage to artifacts and human remains that are still on the ship.

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