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Passing The US Bar Exam: Tips And Tricks To Study Effectively

| August 7, 2023

If you have graduated from your law school, then it’s time for you to give your bar exam. Passing the bar exam would allow you to become a practicing attorney within the United States. This is because passing the bar exam allows you to acquire a license to practice law within the region. 

In this article, we will discuss tricks and tips for studying effectively to pass the bar exam. 

What Is The Bar Exam?

The bar exam is the final step toward becoming a licensed lawyer in the United States. Before you are able to practice law in the US or any of its states, you would be required to go through the state’s admission process and pass the state’s bar exam. 

Every jurisdiction in the US has a different administration regarding testing the candidate’s ability to think like a lawyer. Additionally, the candidate is also tested for their minimum competency for practicing law in the state. 

Tips And Tricks To Study Effectively For Passing The US Bar Exam

Preparing for the US bar exam can be a daunting task, as you might have an idea that passing the US bar exam can be a tough job. But on the contrary, if you have the right tricks and tips up your sleeves to prepare for the exam, then it can become an easier task. 

Here are some of the tricks and tips for preparing for the US bar exam:

Study Broadly And Not Too Deeply For The US Bar Exam

When you are in law school, you will have a fair idea regarding the subjects you are typically well in. This means while studying law, you will be well aware of the subjects you are having well grades in. 

A detailed and thorough understanding of the whole law syllabus is crucial for the aspect of achieving good grades in the final examination. However, you will also have to have a fair idea of the syllabus of the US bar exam you are preparing for. But unfortunately, you will not be at ease if you take this approach while preparing for a bar exam. 

To effectively study for the US bar exam, it is crucial that you prioritize the knowledge that is wide rather than its depth. To pass the bar exam, you are not required to reach the depth of the subject. This means you will only need to have the knowledge of what the subject intends to teach to pass the US bar exam.

On the other hand, you have to understand that just because something can be tested on the bar exam, that means it would be likely tested for. Due to this, it is necessary that you spend time preparing for topics that are important.

Measure The Topics That Matter While Preparing For The Bar Exam 

Everyone who takes the bar exam knows that passing or failing the exam is based on the score established by each jurisdiction and state in the US. Yet, few take into consideration the score for passing while preparing for the bar. 

The best way you can study effectively is to keep track of the number of practice questions that you are getting correct on each subject, rather than thinking that everyone is also preparing for the bar exam. 

You must make a goal of being in the 40th percentile or above on every subject that is being tested in the bar exam. Having set this goal will allow you to have better motivation to pass the bar exam. 

Approach The MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) In A Systematic Manner

To pass the MBE, it is crucial that you prepare for the exam in a systematic manner. Previously, MBE had been a tricky exam to pass, as it had tricky questions that required a high level of conditioning to answer. 

However, in recent years, it has been apparent that MBE is no more daunting compared to before. But, still, you have to take precautions before attempting the exam. 

A systematic problem-solving approach would ensure that you are focused on the actual problem, which will reduce the risk of being distracted by details that might lead to an irrelevant answer in the end. Moreover, coming to your own conclusions at first and then matching the best answer will increase your confidence in the test. 

Develop Your Writing Skills Before Preparing For The US Bar Exam 

We all have a habit of practicing at the last moment of our exams. This is fine if that exam is a class test. But when you are preparing for the bar exam, it is important that you prepare for the exam priorly. 

The bar exam requires you to have an excellent essay writing ability to score a passing percentile. The skill of writing an essay is an acquired skill that you must make sure to strengthen. 

This is because the answers in the bar exam are either given as “right” or “wrong.” If you are stating the answer to be right, you will have to provide a justification for why you think that answer to be right. 

In such a circumstance, your writing skill will enable you to justify the reason why you think the answer to be right. So, it is advised that you prepare to strengthen your writing skills from an early stage. 

Usage Of MPT Technique To Pick Up On Points In The Bar Exam

There are many law aspirants that tend to fail the bar exam due to a minor shortage in their total marks. During this time, it is crucial that you consider the technique of MPT. 

MPT is the real-world readiness measurement that enables bar examiners to effectively assess the fundamental lawyering skills that you possess. Rather than testing substantive legal knowledge, the MPT will make you think critically and resourcefully. This is regarding the realistic task that you might encounter while being a lawyer

The Pass Rate In The US Bar Exam

The bar exam in the US is known to be a hard nut to crack if not given appropriately. This is because the bar exam tests your ability to lawyer up rather than the in-depth subject knowledge about the various laws you have learned in law school. 

Due to this, if you have strategically prepared for the bar exam, then there is a 91% chance that you will pass the bar exam in the US. 

And It Is A Wrap 

Now, you have a fair idea regarding the ways you can effectively prepare for the bar exam to effectively score the passing percentile. You have to keep the goal of studying in a broad manner rather than going into the depth of the subject to pass the bar exam. 

So, it is better to showcase your lawyering competencies for the purpose of passing the bar exam. 

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