Tech CEO Found Dead on Apartment Rooftop in Baltimore
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Tech CEO Found Dead on Apartment Rooftop in Baltimore

| September 30, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Pava LaPere, the CEO of a prominent Baltimore tech company, was discovered dead on the rooftop of her apartment building yesterday. The 38-year-old entrepreneur’s tragic demise has sent shockwaves through the local tech community.

LaPere’s lifeless body was found in the early morning hours by a resident of the building who had gone to the rooftop for a routine morning walk. Authorities were alerted immediately, and upon arrival, they determined that the cause of death was strangulation and blunt force trauma.

The Baltimore Police Department has launched a full-scale investigation into the circumstances surrounding LaPere’s death. Detectives are currently interviewing friends, family, and colleagues to gain insight into her recent activities and relationships. As of now, no suspects have been identified, and no motive has been established.

Pava LaPere was widely recognized as a rising star in the tech industry, having founded her own successful startup that specialized in cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. Her company had recently secured significant funding and was on the verge of expanding its operations.

The tech community in Baltimore is mourning the loss of a visionary leader. Colleagues describe LaPere as passionate, dedicated, and innovative, and her sudden and violent death has left many in shock and disbelief.

As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits answers, hoping to shed light on this tragic incident and bring justice to Pava LaPere’s untimely death.

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