State Of New York Sues Pepsico Over Plastic Use
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State Of New York Sues Pepsico Over Plastic Use

| November 16, 2023

New York State Government has sued the food and drink manufacturing giant PepsiCo. This lawsuit came on Wednesday. The terms of the lawsuit accuse the manufacturer of beverages and snacks of causing pollution.

These charges of environmental pollution also include charges of endangering public safety. The lawsuit stems from the single-use bottles, caps, and wrappers that the company uses on its products. They are all made from.

This particular lawsuit has its origins in the state court in the upstate region of Erie County.  The county is one of the first states of the United States that actively targets major plastics producers.

Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, has accused PepsiCo of carrying out public nuisance. The snack and drink giant faces charges of generating large shares of plastic waste.

These waste products are now ending up near the upstate area of the Buffalo River. The waste includes more than 17% of all trash with traces back to specific brands.

The AG also said that the company has actively failed to release sufficient warnings to its consumers. These warnings would be about the potential environmental and health risks of the plastics from its products. The company currently owns more than 100 brands. It has apparently misled the public regarding its efforts to battle plastic pollution.

AG James has stated that such pollution could even enter the drinking water supplies. It could even break down and lead to health problems.

“All New Yorkers have a basic right to clean water, yet PepsiCo’s irresponsible packaging and marketing endanger Buffalo’s water supply, environment, and public health,” AG James said. 

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