Starbucks Authorities Face Lawsuit
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Starbucks Authorities Face Lawsuit Over Diversity Policy

| September 1, 2022

The authorities at Starbucks are facing a lawsuit by a right-leaning think tank. The National Center For Public Policy Research has filed a complaint against the multinational coffeehouse chain at the Superior Court of Spokane County. 

The think tank which is renowned for its conservative approach has stated that the coffeehouse’s policies on executive pay, contracts, and hiring of individuals are discriminatory due to its diversity policies. 

The plaintiff also happens to be a shareholder at Starbucks. He has stated that Starbucks policies go against federal laws and the civil rights of the people as it is mainly beneficial to minorities.

The company policies have been criticized for being beneficial to a group of people while it takes a “virtuous” stand when that is actively harming the company as well as the owners.

Mr. Howard Schlutz, the interim chief of Starbucks, former directors, and executives of the company are all named defendants in the lawsuit. 

Starbucks is yet to comment on the case. 

The lawsuit comes two years after the multinational chain of coffeehouses announced that it was to hire black, indigenous, and other citizens of color for 30% of the corporate jobs in the US. The company owns more than 17,000 outlets over the nation. 

The Company had earlier declared that some part of its advertisement investment would be made on media companies that would cater to a targeted minority-based audience. 

The pro-right think tank NCPPR has claimed damages from Starbucks executives.

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