Trump Won't Likely Attend Milei's Argentina Inauguration
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Trump Won’t Likely Attend Milei’s Argentina Inauguration

| November 28, 2023

The inauguration of the new President of Argentina, who is currently the President-elect, will happen in December. Javier Milei is the new President who will be sworn into his role in the next term. There are talks that he will not be seeing the former President of the U.S., Mr. Donald Trump. There will be other attendees. This report is from a Reuters news article on Monday.

The Argentine libertarian’s press office stated on November 23 that his conservative allies had planned a trip to Buenos Aires.

However, there was no confirmation that Trump would be present at Milei’s official inauguration as president on December 10.

Yet, a source linked to Trump’s campaign mentioned a packed campaign agenda as his reason for absence. Not to mention Trump’s legal troubles keep piling up.

“There’s nothing that’s currently planned. With the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire and the rest of the primaries approaching so quickly, it is something that would be difficult in the short term,” this source has told Reuters. With this, he has ticked off the first-ever U.S. States that have presidential votes scheduled for early next year.

Trump’s Republican party kicks off its nominations in Iowa on Jan. 15. Next, they are all set to move to New Hampshire on Jan. 23.

Simultaneously, Trump will be confronting various legal battles in the U.S.

The political struggle continues as he grapples for attention amid the intense presidential race. Milei, a far-right Political figure is Argentina’s most recent win with a 12-point lead. Experts have often compared him to Trump due to his bold and conservative stance.

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