Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas Over Children's Passport Dispute
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Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas Over Children’s Passport Dispute

| September 22, 2023

The Game of Thrones sensation actor Sophie Turner has seed ex-husband Joe Jonas. This lawsuit comes not too long after Joe Jonas filed for divorce a few weeks back.

Sophie is suing Joe to return her two young children back to her home country, England. The lawsuit states that Jonas who is the father to her children, is not willing to turn over the children’s passports.

The celebrity couple announced to heartbroken fans that they were splitting after four years of marriage.

The court documents were filed in the district court for southern New York on Thursday. The papers have details on the couple and their children. Sources state that the children were born in 2020 and 2022 respectively. 

According to the lawsuit, the children have been wrongfully kept in New York City since Wednesday, which is away from their habitual residence in England.

According to the lawsuit, Sophie Turner and her ex-husband, Joe Jonas, had jointly decided to raise their children in England. They had decided to make England their permanent home so that they could attend school there.

The couple had apparently moved into a rental long-term basis home in May. They had plans of buying a home in July and moving in by December this year. 

However, unfortunately, the couple’s relationship was strained way before that could happen. 

We will get to know more about what happens to the children’s custody as and when the case progresses.  For more details, stay tuned to The Legal Guides.

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