Proud Boy Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison: Shouts “Trump Won”
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Proud Boy Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison: Shouts “Trump Won”

| September 12, 2023

The “proud boys” is a group of far-right, exclusively male, neo-fascist American individuals. 

Throughout the years, we have known them for their violent tendencies. 

This group was majorly responsible for the Capitol Riots of 2021 when Biden won the Presidential Elections. Now, they are paying for their actions.

Who Are The Members?

Ethan Nordean describes himself as the “sergeant of arms” for the Proud Boys. The Court has sentenced him to 18 years in prison. 

After that, he will be under three years of supervised release. The prosecutors in the case have gone so far as to call him the “undisputed leader on the ground” for the January 6 riot.

Ethan and another member of this far-right extremist group got a combined prison sentence of 28 years in a US federal prison.  

What Are Their Prison Sentences?

Ethan was the leader of the Seattle chapter of the Proud Boys.  Dominic Pezzola, the other member, was one of the more recognizable faces of the event. The Judge gave him a prison sentence of 10 years, followed by three years under supervised release.

Pezzola is 45 years old, and Nordean is 32. The Judge in the case, Timothy Kelly, called the U.S. Capitol riot of January 6 to be “a national disgrace.”

Earlier, many media outlets claimed that Mr. Pezzola had taken a shield away from a police officer during the riots and bashed a Capitol window with it.

From Plea For Leniency To “Trump Won!”

Both of the Proud Boys made pleas for leniency to the court. While claiming for leniency, Pezzola said that he had given up politics. However, things took a wrong turn when he shouted, “Trump won!” while the guards escorted him out of the Court.

It seems like he held on to his claims from the Capitol riot

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