Prosecutors Refile Charges Against Alec Baldwin
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Prosecutors Refile Charges Against Alec Baldwin In ‘Rust’ Movie Shooting

| October 18, 2023

On Tuesday, prosecutors made it clear that they would charge Actor Alec Baldwin of Involuntary manslaughter. This case is to take place in a court of New Mexico. The actor will be facing the charges due to the death of  Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer.

The incident took place in 2021.

A Grand Jury will be hearing Alec’s case in November this year. This information comes from prosecutor Kari Morrissey.

These charges come as a result of a forensic test that authorities conducted independently.

The test results found that Alec Baldwin had to have pulled the gun trigger. When Alec was rehearsing according to the reports the pulled trigger of the revolver killed the cinematographer, Hutchins. The shot apparently also wounded the director of the film, Joel Souza.

The film in question is Rust.

The finding of the case also show that the results are the same as a previous test that FBI carried out of the revolver.

“After extensive investigation over the past several months, additional facts have come to light that we believe show Mr. Baldwin has criminal culpability in the death of Halyna Hutchins and the shooting of Joel Souza,” said Prosecutor Morrissey.

As a response to the result of the case, the Actor denied all accuses. He claimed that he is in no way responsible for the deaths and injuries of the people in the case. Baldwin maintains his stance that he did not pull the trigger.

“It is unfortunate that a terrible tragedy has been turned into this misguided prosecution. We will answer any charges in court,” was the statement from Baldwin’s lawyers, Mr. Luke Nikas and Alex Spiro.

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