Prominent Hollywood Stars Contribute $150 Million To Aid Strike Resolution
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Prominent Hollywood Stars Contribute $150 Million To Aid Strike Resolution

| October 20, 2023

George Clooney, the famous actor and Oscar winner, along with other top actors, are offering $150 million to the actor’s union.  The union in question is the SAG-AFTRA actors union. They have been on strike for quite a while now.  The actors are offering the amount as a proposal to put an end to the strike.

As of this week, the strike reached its 100th day.

Acclaimed actor George Clooney’s representatives have talked about the offer. The official spokesperson confirmed that the offer of an extra $150 million stands. The actors will disburse the amount over a period of three years. The announcement made on Thursday even stated that they would help fund health benefits to the struggling actors.

Mr. Clooney has also made it clear that popular stars will be collecting the residual amount only. The struggling actors would be receiving payment first.

“A lot of the top earners want to be part of the solution,” said Mr. Clooney in his reports to the Hollywood publication Deadline. It is the media outlet that first reported the news. “We think it’s fair for us to pay more into the union,” added Mr. Clooney. 

SAG-AFTRA members initiated their strike in July. Recent negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) failed. This has only led to the prolonging of the 100-day strike. Actors and crew members are all being affected by the strike. Film and TV production has come to a halt.

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