Ozempic Side Effects Lawsuit Progresses After Court Decision
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Ozempic Side Effects Lawsuit Progresses After Court Decision

| December 11, 2023

On Friday, a federal judge in Louisiana mostly denied Novo Nordisk’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit. They denied one of the initial lawsuits filed against the pharmaceutical company. This lawsuit was regarding side effects linked to its popular drug Ozempic.

U.S. District Judge James Cain Jr stated that, in the ongoing case, plaintiff Jaclyn Bjorklund had presented adequate evidence. It supports her allegation that Novo Nordisk neglected to alert her doctors about the potential risk of a condition.

Gastroparesis is a condition involving delayed stomach emptying into the small intestine. This has been linked to the drug.


The judge threw out Bjorklund’s claim that the company falsely marketed its drug as safe. This is because she didn’t specify any promises made by Novo Nordisk. Cain Jr dismissed this claim but said she could change her complaint and file it again.

A spokesperson from Novo Nordisk stated that the side effects Bjorklund sued for are well-known. Infact, they are documented in the drug’s FDA-approved label.

The company believes the lawsuit’s allegations are baseless. Moreover, the representatives plan to strongly defend against them.

The company has claimed that its drugs underwent thorough studies and are continuously monitored for safety.

According to Bjorklund’s lawsuit, she used Ozempic for over a year. However, then she switched to Mounjaro which is an Eli Lilly product. She switched in July 2023 to manage her Type 2 diabetes. She alleged that both medications led to intense vomiting and pain. This has apparently resulted in hospitalization and the loss of her teeth.

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