Tesla, Musk Aware Of Autopilot Flaw, Judge Determines Evidence
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Tesla, Musk Aware Of Autopilot Flaw, Judge Determines Evidence

| November 22, 2023

A Judge of a Florida court found that there was “reasonable evidence” against Musk, Tesla‚Äôs Chief Executive, Elon Musk and other Tesla managers. According to it, they knew that their vehicles had the defective auto-pilot system that later on led to many accidents. However, they still allowed their buyers to drive their cars unsafely.

Judge Reid Scott, a Circuit Court Judge for the Palm Beach County, delivered a statement last week. He said that anyone who sued Tesla after a deadly crash had the right to go to trial. They can ask for extra compensatory damages from Tesla for their wrongful actions.

Tesla faced a setback with this ruling. This followed its success in two product liability trials in California this year about the Autopilot driver assistant system. On Tuesday, a Tesla spokesperson was not available for immediate comment, according to Reuters news agency.

In Florida, there was the first lawsuit from a crash in 2019 near Miami. Stephen Banner’s Tesla Model 3 went under a big truck’s trailer. This cut off the car’s roof and caused Banner’s death. The trial planned for October got postponed and hasn’t been set for a new date yet.

Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor at the University of South Carolina, called evidence significant. According to him, it had “alarming inconsistencies” in what Tesla knew internally and what it was telling its buyers.

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