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Into The Fascinating Life Of Matt Murphy Prosecutor

| December 27, 2023

It is 2023 and we are all hooked on true crime podcasts. Bella Fiori, Kendal Rae, Bailey Sarian, we heart them all! Are you a fan of true crime documentaries, too? Read on!

Among the big names, Matt Murphy prosecutor is worth a shout-out. Some would say that Matt Murphy Prosecutor is one of the most popular homicide prosecutors in the famous Orange County.

The famous Matt Murphy Prosecutor’s career spanned across 26 years. He took a decision to retire back in 2019. In this article, we will talk about Matt Murphy Prosecutor, with a special mention of his shows. So, let us begin without further delay.

Who Is Matt Murphy Prosecutor?

Matt Murphy or Matt Murphy Prosecutor, served as a senior deputy district attorney for Orange County. The former Prosecutor is also a Lawyer. He used to specialize in Homicides and Murder. For the longest time, he has worked alongside ABC as a Correspondent and also given his two cents on crimes as a Criminal Defence Attorney. Very recently, Matt Murphy Prosecutor, has regained popularity due to his appearance in multiple true crime TV shows.

A Bit About Matt

Matt Murphy Prosecutor, was born and brought up in the sunny state of Los Angeles. He earned his High School Diploma in the year, 1985. After graduating from California’s Loyola High School, he went on to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Next, he attended the University of San Diego School of Law and earned his Juris Doctor degree in May 1993.  While in College, he gained some experience working to help disabled children in the Devereaux Foundation.

What Was Matt Murphy Like In College?

Well, well, well! We are wondering how the famous Matt Murphy Prosecutor was in college. Right? So, let us find out.

A Promising First-Year

Like other brilliant lawyers out there, Matt Murphy was very invested in law right from the get-go. When in his Junior year, Matt Murphy organized a program for sexual assault education and awareness. This program was a huge success among the new fraternity and sorority joiners.

This program went on to become such a success even the California State Legislature recognized it. The state legislature even tried to pass a bill with similar contents to the program. According to the newly proposed bill, all State colleges under the University of California would hold similar educational programs.  

Glorious Senior Year Of Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy Prosecutor, showed excellence in his Senior year. Murphy’s active spirit got him the Chancellor’s Senior Excellence Award. The authorities awarded him for Co-curricular activities.  Next, Murphy went on to graduate with an honors degree in the year 1990. The next few months are a testament to his adventurous nature. For 9 whole months after this, he went surfing all across Australia, Indonesia, and even the South Pacific.

Matt In Law School

Murphy soon cleared his LSATs and enrolled in the law program of the University of San Diego School of Law. It was the summer of 1991 when Matt Murphy Prosecutor, started studying International Law at Paris’ University of Sorbonne. He also took up and Comparative Law at the University. His brilliance in both classes got him the American Jurisprudence Awards. He shone bright both for his academic record and good work in the Sexual Assault program.

Murphy Caught The FBI’s Eye

Did you know that he was so brilliant that even the FBI noticed him? Well, Matt caught the attention of multiple big law firms, the Office of the District Attorney at Orange, and even the FBI. Matt was unstoppable. He went on to work for all of those above. Now, he was Matt Murphy prosecutor.

Matt’s Fight Against Rape And Child Molestation

Murphy became the Deputy District Attorney in the year 1993.  He started his practice in the Juvenile Court. Quicky Matt Murphy prosecutor, moved on to the Municipal Court, the Juvenile Gangs, and many notable roles.

Matt also worked in the Felony Panel. Here he oversaw about 24 felony jury trials in a short span of 1 year. He started working for the Sexual Assault Unit, putting rapists and child molesters to justice. Slowly, Matt Murphy Prosecutor, started coming into the limelight. 

In his role as a sexual assault prosecutor, Matt shone through. He was single-handedly responsible for putting 15 sexual assault felony cases to justice. Now, Matt was starting to have his first experiences with media houses as his popularity increased.

Matt Murphy In Homicide Unit

In 2002, Mr. Murphy’s career took a significant turn as he went on to work in the Homicide Unit. According to his new assignment, he was in charge of overseeing cases in multiple cities. From Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Costa Mesa to Irvine, all were under his domain. Reports showed that these cities had relatively infrequent incidents of murder.  However, the cases that did happen often captured public interest due to the sensational details.

The District Attorney’s Office

Mr. Murphy spent 13 years working at the Special Circumstances Committee.  This committee looks into murder cases of a complex nature. It also makes important recommendations to the District attorney on whether or not to get the death penalty for the convicts.

Matt Murphy was also in charge of the review of a dozen shootings and deaths in custody. Since he has been an expert prosecutor himself, he has also trained individuals to become capable prosecutors. Hi trainees went on to work for California State’s Department of Justice, the Attorneys Association of the district, and the District Attorney’s Office of Orange County.

 Matt’s Time On TV

Being the celebrity he is, fans have often wondered, “Is Matt Murphy prosecutor married?” or “how many episodes of dateline has prosecutor matt murphy been on?”

Well, we are here to answer your questions.

Is Matt Murphy Prosecutor Married?

Matt Murphy lives in Palatine with his wife, Julie. They have four children together.

Did Matt Murphy Leave The DA’s Office?

After serving as a legal professional for 26 years, Matt put an end to his career at the DA’s office. He is now a legal expert on crime and legal documentaries. His popularity has skyrocketed ever since he became a mainstay on Television.

What Are Some Shows Matt Murphy Has Worked On?

Over the years, Matt has appeared in multiple interviews in criminal cases. He is also a mainstay in the following TV shows:

a.  I Escaped My Killer

This show has been on air since 2015.

b.  How It Really Happened with Jesse L. Martin

A popular show that first aired in 2016.

c.  Almost Unsolved

This show is a fairly new one. It first aired in 2023.

d.  Dateline

Here, Matt Murphy played himself. He was present in quite a few episodes of this NBC crime show.

Matt Murphy Prosecutor- Final Word

Prosecutors like Matt Murphy are an integral part of the criminal justice system.  They act as legal representatives of the government. They are crucial to maintaining law and order in the land. Their responsibility is to decide whether or not to bring charges against the accused. 

Like Matt, prosecutors conduct investigations on the case. They are responsible for coming up with plea agreements that help further the case and bring about speedy justice.

Finally, like Matt Murphy, prosecutors constantly fight against the odds in the pursuit of justice. 

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