Man Claims He Was Heavily Medicated When He Sold House To Katy Perry 
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Man Claims He Was Heavily Medicated When He Sold House To Katy Perry 

| August 10, 2023

Mr. Gudvi claims that he sold his house to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom; the only catch in this is that he did it while he was very heavily medicated. He claims that since he was not completely in his senses while the sale took place, his consent was not free in nature. Now, he is not so happy with the sale and wants to take legal action.

Who Is The House Owner?

The man in question is Carl Westcott. The legal side of it started back in August 2020. Mr, Carl talked about the disputed sale of his house in Santa Barbara, California. He claimed that his state of mind when he made the deal was not fit for entering into a contract or legal arrangement of any kind.

There have been questions about the nature of his participation and consent at that time because he was apparently functioning under medical influence. Back then, he had taken strong pain-killing drugs that his doctor had given him. It is common knowledge that pain medication makes one loopy at times. This was apparently the case with him too.

He was offered $15 million to sell his new house to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. This offer came just after he had a long surgery on his back because he has a disease called Huntington’s. When he got out of the hospital, the doctors gave him painkillers to help him get better. It made Carl lose his ability to make clear decisions. These details come from papers from the Los Angeles County Superior Court and a news article published by USA TODAY.

Who Bought Carl’s House?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are the current owners of the house after buying it from Carl. However, they are not part of this lawsuit. The person who managed the business side of the sale, Bernie Gudvi, is the main person being sued.

The trial has been scheduled to not have a jury. It’s set to start on August 21st at a courthouse in Los Angeles. This information comes from the court papers for Carl Westcott’s complaint.

What Are The Developments On The Lawsuit?

After about a week, he changed his mind about selling the house. He realized that he wasn’t thinking clearly when he agreed to sell. He blamed his age, his disease, the surgery, and the strong pain-killing medicines he was taking. He sent an email to the company that helped with the sale, saying he didn’t want to sell anymore.

Soon, he faced an objection letter from Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. They conveyed their strong desire to buy his house. Westcott still stood by his decision of not wanting to sell.

He then heard back from their lawyer stating that the California Gurls star and Bloom were not going to change their minds about buying and that Westcott had to go through with the sale.

As of now, Westcott wants to cancel the agreement to sell the house. He also wants to cancel the standard papers for selling a house and get help with the legal parts of this situation.

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