Legal Troubles for the Expansion of Migrant Entry via CBP One App
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Legal Troubles for the Expansion of Migrant Entry via CBP One App

| July 6, 2023

The Biden administration has arranged for an increase in the permitted number of migrants allowed into the United States daily. This is to be done through the controversial CBP One app. All of this continues to take place despite the mounting legal challenges to its policies.

What is the New App Called?

What is the New App Called

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Under this particular mobile application, called the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) app, 1,450 migrants are allowed into the country per day. The app was expanded earlier this year. It enables migrants to upload necessary data and schedule appointments at ports of entry for processing into the U.S.

How were Things Earlier?

CBP used to permit 1,000 daily earlier. This was the case before the expiration of Title 42 in May. In June, this number was raised to 1,250 immigrants per day. This recent update makes up to a 50% surge in the number of migrants entering the U.S. daily.

Troy Miller acting CBP Commissioner, explained that this expansion was possible through scheduling enhancements, operational efficiencies, and by stepping up innovative technologies such as CBP One™. Miller said that these advancements improve the execution of homeland security missions in the CBP. It also ensures safe and efficient processes at ports of entry.

Despite the administration’s efforts to make changes to the entry process, its policies have been facing multiple legal challenges. Critics of immigration policies have claimed that the increased incoming of migrants is putting unnecessary pressure on the resources of the nation. It is raising concerns about national security and is hampering the administration’s ability to effectively manage immigration.

What are the Pertinent Immigration Laws?

As the Biden administration addresses these challenges, it is important to consider the relevant federal laws governing immigration. Title 42, which was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, authorizes the CBP to expel individuals encountered at the border for public health reasons. However, with its expiration, the administration faces pressure to manage the influx of migrants in compliance with existing immigration laws.

Current Scenario

It is yet to be seen how the Biden administration will tackle these legal challenges while addressing the complex issue of immigration. As the number of migrants entering the U.S. through CBP One continues to rise, stakeholders are closely watching for developments in this evolving situation.

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