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Lecompton Constitution: Historical Constitution For Kansas

| August 14, 2021

Kansas’s constitution is one of the significant historical events. The first try of making the constitution is called the Topeka movement. Generally, this constitution has given a division in slavery. It is a significant incident in the U.S as it frees black people from racialism. 

Though in the territorial election, it was rejected. But later in the year 1861, finally, the U.S government admitted it. Philadelphia first drafted this, and later it came to action. First, Lecompton’s constitution was prepared, and then there, the authority held an election. 

After that, the government went for the free state of the legislature. But, moreover, the Kansas constitution is a very significant part of U.S history. Even now, it has impressions of how this constitution thought about the slaves. 

The Constitution Of U.S State

The Lecompton constitution is a fundamental law that was drafted in 1787. But some problems are why it comes to an effect years later. In the U.S laws, the Kansas constitution plays a significant role. 

This law has given massive power to the government, and it also freed slavery from the state. However, there was violence that was spread in Kansas, and President James Buchanan wanted to resolve this and also wanted to make Kansas a free state. The main issue was pro-slavery. So, this is the Lecompton constitution.

How Was the Lecompton Constitution Passed?

We have said earlier that this constitution is pro-slavery. The U.S government wanted to make Kansas a free state. And then, the authority created an election program. However, the people were confused with the voting process. But, after that, the confusion cleared.

The people4 of the U.S first voted, and then the constitution got approved. So, in this way, the whole incident took place. And later, the Lecompton constitution passed. 

Total Relevant Passed Constitutions Of Kansas

According to the rule of Kansas, every state needs to have constitutions. So, the territory of Kansas also has several constitutions. It is generally called the free state or a state of slavery. There are all four constitutions in Kansas. So, let’s get a bit introduced to it. 

1. Topeka Constitution

This constitution is one of the significant parts of Kansas history. The constitution was passed on 15th December 1855. In the first legislature of Kansas territory that met opposition. Though this constitution was approved in the next year, 1856. 

In this constitution, the free black was excluded from Kansas. This constitution was sent to congress, and later, it was approved. Though president Pierce opposed this constitution. 

2. Lecompton Constitution

Lecompton’s constitution appreciated allowed slavery. Then, in 1887, the authority held an election. And after this, they send this constitution for approval. However, the plan of this constitution was prepared many years ago. But this constitution came into action in the year 1861. 

It was sent to Washington for approval. Finally, the constitution was approved by President Buchanan. 

3. Leavenworth Constitution

In 1856, the free states got the majority, and then they asked for another convention of the constitution. Finally, in the year 1859, it was sent to congress. There was confusion centering on this constitution. 

That is why it took a few years extra to be approved. Congress has never given this constitution priority. Somewhat more than that, they opposed it. The people of America use to say that it is one of the liberal constitutions of all the constitutions of Kansas. 

4. Wyandotte Constitution

In the former community of Wyandotte, the discussion about the Wyandotte was arranged. The United States House represented an election again. Through that, it came to an effect. Kansas as a free state was approved in 1861. 

The most exciting thing is that Kansas’s constitution has remained in Kansas’s state. So, now Kansas is free from slavery. 

The Last Words

However, you have learned almost everything about the Lecompton constitution. As a citizen of Kansas, you need to know about the history. And if you are not a citizen, then also it can be relevant for you a lot. 

Suppose you need to know more things about this constitution. You can also go through the other relevant articles. However, it is a part of history. If you have an interest in this, please give it a read. You will learn the main things about the Kansas constitution as well.

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