Are More Lawsuits Headed Lizzo’s Way
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Are More Lawsuits Headed Lizzo’s Way?

| August 11, 2023

A lawsuit was brought about against the “About Damn Time” star, Lizzo, by three members of her dance team who served as backup dancers. This news had taken the world and especially Lizzo fans, by storm. However, the lawsuit does not seem to mark an end to what seems like another one of the #metoo movements. More people have stepped making very similar claims against the singer, as reported by their lawyers representing the plaintiffs. This almost looks like a potential class action lawsuit about abuse if there were such a thing.

What Are The Necessary Details About The Case?

Relevant documents backing up the claims of the three backup dancers were first submitted to the court earlier in August 2023. The backup dancers are named Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez. They filed a lawsuit against the “I Love You Bitch” singer Lizzo and also her production company called the “Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT)”. The lawsuit also made special mentions to Shirlene Quigley, who managed Lizzo’s dance team.

What Were The Allegations?

These former dancers have stated publicly that they experienced:

  • sexual harassment,
  • religious harassment,
  • racial harassment,
  • discrimination based on disabilities,
  • assault,
  • false imprisonment,
  • and other derogatory treatment while working under Lizzo.

The three dancers, Davis, Williams, and Rodriguez, have filed lawsuits seeking compensation from the court for the abovementioned charges. They also want to be compensated for the following:

  • unpaid wages,
  • loss of earnings,
  • deferred compensation,
  • employment benefits,
  • payment for emotional distress,
  • medical costs, and
  • also attorney fees for court representation.

Mr. Ron Zambrano is the attorney representing the dancers. Mr. Zambrano has also claimed that there have been multiple such inquiries from six other individuals who have similar stories to share. However, it’s too early to determine the full extent of these claims until the court passes the final ruling.

Lizzo, born Melissa Jefferson, has let out a statement about the lawsuit against her. She calls the claims “outrageous” and “sensationalized.”

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