Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson Brought Back By California Court
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Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson Brought Back By California Court

| August 21, 2023

This three-judge panel was from California’s Second District Court of Appeal. After hearing the facts of the case, the judges found that the law suits by the victims, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, stood their ground.

They held that the lower court should not have rejected these lawsuits. These men claim that the two corporations owned by Mr. Michael Jackson, named as defendants in the lawsuit, indeed had a responsibility to protect them. 

Legislation relating to the scope of sexual abuse was recently broadened in the state of California. This law is being used by the court of appeals to restore the lawsuits. This is, however, not the first time that victims have brought on lawsuits against MJ. 

Now, for the second time, these cases have been brought back after being dismissed. Earlier, the two corporations, MJJ Productions Inc and MJJ Ventures Inc, were dismissed on grounds that they “could not be expected to function like the boys Scouts of a church where a child in their care could expect protection.” 

MJJ Productions Inc and MJJ Ventures Inc were owned by Michael Jackson, who passed away in the year 2009. All shares of the company were held by Mr Jackson as well. 

Where did it all begin, you ask? 

The victims of sexual abuse made an appearance in a 2019 documentary Leaving Neverland, on HBO.

The higher courts have come to the conclusion that a corporation that was aware of sexual abuse of children in its functioning had responsibilities that cannot be completely excused. 

“A corporation that facilitates the sexual abuse of children by one of its employees is not excused from an affirmative duty to protect those children merely because it is solely owned by the perpetrator of the abuse.”- The Second District Court Of Appeals says.

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