Justice Clarence Thomas Faces Ethics Questions Over Koch Network Events
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Justice Clarence Thomas Faces Ethics Questions Over Koch Network Events

| September 25, 2023

Justice Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court attends at least two fundraising events. These events were for the Koch network, a conservative of donors. Both these events have been in recent years, according to ProPublica reports. The report from Friday shows former employees and donors with the conservative alliance.

Judge Thomas was a part of the private fundraising events. One of them was a draw for the fundraising of the conservative donor network. The fundraiser already had multiple lawsuits around it pending at the Supreme Court of the United States. This information comes from the sources at ProPublica.

Our news source platform, Reuters, did not deliver a confirmation on their report of the events immediately. However, earlier reports do show how the conservative justice has connections to a wealthy benefactor.

This event, although a majorly social one, brings larger questions about professional ethics. The Supreme Court justice’s connections have gotten some backlash from the Democrats in Congress.

Representatives from the conservative Koch network have not commented on the matter yet. However, some have later claimed that Judge Thomas did not take part in fundraising conversations.

“The idea that attending a couple events to promote a book or give dinner remarks, as all the justices do, could somehow be undue influence just doesn’t hold water,” a spokesperson from the conservative network told a nonprofit news organization.

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