Judge Coughenour Recuses Himself from Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit Judge Coughenour Recuses Himself from Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit
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Judge Coughenour Recuses Himself from Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit

| September 28, 2023

In a recent development, a federal judge for the antitrust lawsuit against Amazon.com has recused himself from the case. This antitrust lawsuit was originally from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The legal section of Reuters media house reports that Senior Judge John Coughenour has removed himself from the case successfully. This surprising event in the judicial system of the United States has come to light through a document that made it into the Court on Wednesday.

All of this happened just a day after the authorities assigned Judge Coughenour to oversee the case. The lawsuit stands against the Anti-trust practices of Amazon. There are reports of Amazon’s alleged unfair market practices that illegally influence consumer behavior.

The lawsuit mainly targets the corporate giant’s anti-competitive behavior across the nation.

Republican President Ronald Reagan had first appointed Judge Coughenour. As of now, he has not provided any specific reason for his actions related to the court filing. However, this was a completely unexpected move.

As a result, this case in question is being reassigned to U.S. District Judge John Chun. The new selection is according to the court’s rotation policy.

The next Judge in question, John Chun, is a nominee of President Joe Biden from 2022.  He has a vast judicial experience and has dealt with many high-profile cases. Previously, he was a judge for the Washington State Court of Appeals.

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