I Gotta Lose Some Weight.- Trump
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“I Gotta Lose Some Weight”- Comments Trump On Court Sketch

| December 8, 2023

On Thursday, prompted by a courtroom portrait, Donald Trump offered a candid evaluation of himself. “I gotta lose some weight.”- Trump said.

As the ex-president appeared at his ongoing civil fraud trial in New York, he engaged in light conversation with a courtroom artist. The Reuters news article has called it a “courtroom banter”. Beyond the courtroom, the 77-year-old former president stated to the news reporters that the trial was a “fraud” and a “witch hunt.”

He said that he was familiar these grievances about being politically targeted.

Within the chamber, his manner seemed to be quite casual as he observed the artwork of sketch artists Isabelle Brourman and Jane Rosenberg.

“I gotta lose some weight,” said Trump after viewing the portrait that Brourman’s drew.

Trump’s lifestyle isn’t typically associated with good health. While he was president from 2017 to 2021, his doctor recommended he lose up to 15 pounds by adopting healthier eating habits and exercising.

In a 2019 examination, he was found to weigh 243 pounds. Thus, it placed him in the obese category. Despite this, his physician, Sean Conley, stated that he was generally in very good health.

Trump’s lawyers are to defend in the New York trial. They hold that his company didn’t manipulate property values to get better financing. This trial, which began in October, is among the various legal battles the former president faces as he seeks a return to the White House.

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