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What Are The Health Laws And Regulations?

| September 30, 2022

Healthcare has come to be a very common term that we use on an almost daily basis. Health laws have thus become an important part, too. It is when the improvement of health is made a priority and steps are taken either by the individual, a particular group or organization working with that goal, or the Government itself.

The aim of health care and health laws is the protection and sustenance of health, primarily of the citizens of a nation. It includes the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, and cure of illnesses and diseases. The prospects of healthcare also include care for one’s mental health.

Healthcare is mostly delivered by professionals who are trained to do it and have experience in the field. 

Public health laws are often passed by the government that governs the healthcare practices of the nation. 

How Is Healthcare Protected By The Government: Health Laws

How Is Healthcare Protected By The Government Health Laws

The United States Government passes health laws that are designed in a manner that best protects public welfare and wellbeing. Healthcare varies across geographical locations based on the country’s socio-economic conditions and also on how proactive the government of such a nation is.

The following factors might affect the healthcare practices of a nation.

The Limitations Posed By One’s Finances.

Finances play a big role in exactly what kind of healthcare practices one might be able to afford. 

The Geographical Location On Is Located In.

Healthcare systems in the third world are not up to the level of development that has been achieved in the first world or developing nations. Adverse weather conditions make it difficult for the government to carry on healthcare-related policies.

Limitations Of A Personal Nature.

When one is faced with limitations such as poor availability, lack of education, low-income brackets, and poor awareness about health, health care automatically becomes important.

What Does The World Health Organization Say?

What Does The World Health Organization Say
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The WHO, one of the primary bodies of the United Nations says that a full-functioning healthcare mechanism usually requires the following to carry on proper healthcare functions, they are. 

A Working Health Care System.

This usually means that there is to be a fully organized system with the right infrastructure to do it. Healthcare is not going to be easily accessible to the population when there are no proper clinics or medication outlets nearby.

A Well-Trained Workforce.

According to health laws, when the workforce is hired or chosen by competent authorities, they have to be checked for proper qualifications, training, and ethical standards that are usually required for the proper execution of healthcare services

What Are The Health Laws That Have Been Passed For Proper Implementation Of Healthcare?

What Are The Health Laws That Have Been Passed For Proper Implementation Of Healthcare

These 8 primary healthcare laws are the main sources of decent healthcare for the public. Although there has been a very important latest addition to the list in the Biden administration. Let us have a look!

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Act Of 1986

This Act lays down that professionals who are involved in healthcare and related activities with the intention of doing good and helping people out with healthcare are not to be held liable if anything goes wrong. Thus, if a doctor is carrying out a complicated surgery and the patient passes away while still under their care, the doctor or other medical professionals will not be held liable or responsible.

Medicare And Medicaid

Medicare was passed by President Kennedy and provides insurance coverage for over 40 Million Americans, maybe even 50. Medicaid on the other hand is unique as it provides insurance to the ones that are usually not covered, such as mothers who are expecting, unemployed and disabled individuals, etc. 

Children’s Health Insurance Program 

The Children’s Healthcare Program was created with the ultimate aim of welfare whereby it guaranteed the health and well-being of children who hail from low-income backgrounds. 

The Children’s Health Insurance Authorization Act

This piece of legislation passed by the United States Congress made sure that healthcare services were provided to citizens who were previously disqualified. 

The Affordable Care Act

This Act made it possible for a vast part of the American Population to have access to healthcare services of decent quality.

Hospital Readmission Reduction Program

This Program was initially started as an initiative under the Affordable Care Act. Its primary aim was to establish a transparent system of working in order to make the system of communication with patients clearer and more ethical. This was done so that the medical professionals could convey to the patient proper discharge plans and reduce readmissions that could have been avoided.

The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act

This Act has served as a shield for many workers and employees as it allows them to carry forward their health insurance from one job to the other. It also provides one with the option to change insurance plans so that they can get back what coverage has been lost and also update according to changes such as marriage, children, etc.

Patient Safety And Quality Improvement Act

This Act is aimed to help out the part of the population that struggles with unsanitary surroundings. Many employees tend to fear reporting such circumstances. The PSQI makes sure that the people are able to report their complaints without any fear of losing their employment. Confidentiality has been guaranteed through this Act.

And It’s A Wrap!

Healthcare laws are always emerging. The Inflation Reduction is the latest addition to this list. It makes sure that medication is provided at reduced rates to senior citizens of the nation. It also makes beneficial changes to medical insurance practices which are allegedly to help out the citizens in the post-COVID economy. 

This Article provides a brief and crisp guide to the health laws and regulations of the United States Of America. Do let us know if you found the article helpful!

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