Grail Deal Illumina Gets Judgement In Favor In The FTC Challenge
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Grail Deal: Illumina Gets Judgement In Favor In The FTC Challenge

| September 2, 2022

It is a win for Illumina Inc.- the California-based company. The Administrative Law Judge ruled in favor of the company while presiding over the trial. Federal Trade Commission had challenged the company earlier on the GRAIL acquisition case.

The esteemed Judge ruled in favor of  Illumina Inc. while rejecting the claims made by the Federal Trade Commission that the GRAIL acquisition would be harmful to the competition in the multi-cancer early detection test market, which happens to be quite reputed.

Mr. Francis deSouza, the Chief Executive Officer of Illumina Inc. has stated that GRAIL and Illumina Inc if reunited will be beneficial for early detection and thereby the treatment of cancer by providing quick and easy access to the Galleri test by GRAIL which has been often considered to be life-saving. 

Cancer when detected in its later stages can be quite harmful and devastating for most. The Illumina CEO has stated that the company’s mission is to unite GRAIL and Illumina Inc. in order to make Galleri tests easily available to the public. 

GRAIL was originally a product of Illumina that was created seven years back. It was supposed to serve as a screening test for different cancer types. GRAIL will be able to serve its purpose properly with the guidance and expertise that Illumina brings. 

Regulatory and insurance aspects of GRAIL are expected to develop under Illumina’s expertise.

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