Former Dea Informant Admits Involvement In Haitian President's Killing
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Former Dea Informant Admits Involvement In Haitian President’s Killing

| December 6, 2023

Joseph Vincent was a former informant for the federal body of the U.S. for Drug Enforcement.  This ex-DEA member, on Tuesday, turned out to be the fourth individual to plead guilty in an assassination. This took place in a U.S. court.

The criminal charge was raised out of his role in the assassination of the Haitian president in 2021 This assassination had led to a destabilizing vacuum of power.

One Haitian American individual, Mr. Vincent is one among the 11 defendants in the case. This includes some Colombian ex-soldiers and also businessmen. There are accusations of them helping out with the supply of funds, weapons, and more.

Thus, these defendants had an active role in carrying out a nighttime attack that killed the President of Haiti, Mr. Jovenel Moise. The killing took place in the President’s Port-au-Prince home.

The authorities arrested Mr. Vincent a few days after this deadly attack. The arrest happened alongside yet another Haitian-American individual, Mr. James Solages. Apparently, both men claimed that they only served the conspirators in the case as interpreters.

For the purpose of carrying out the attack, these gunmen posed to be DEA agents. However, the DEA clearly claimed that no one out of the list of defendants were their agents.

Vincent had also travelled to Haiti in the year 2021 to support the pastor and his co-defendant on the event of the attack.

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