Abortion Denied To Woman Nonetheless
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Foetus Has No Skull: Abortion Denied To Woman Nonetheless

| August 30, 2022

Louisiana just witnessed an abortion denial in a very complicated case. A woman has very sadly stated that she is expected, by the ruling delivered, to carry her baby to term only to bury them later.

Nancy Davis, who is a mother to three children, was present at the state capitol, in Baton Rouge. She held that the governor of the state of Louisiana and the Government officials should take necessary measures against the trigger ban that has been in effect. 

The Baton-Rouge resident is 36 years of age. Her fetus was diagnosed with acrania. Acrania is the condition where the skull of the fetus has not formed. Such cases are rare and fatal when they take place.

Mrs. Davis was ordered by the Court that she had to carry on with her pregnancy despite the medical complications. She has to carry the fetus despite being diagnosed with medical complications that could be fatal.

Due to the Court ruling now, she has decided to get access to safe abortion in another state.

She feels that the court ruling has not been fair to her and that no woman should have to experience what she was going through.

Davis has been a victim of the state’s rushed trigger ban on abortion. Many other victims of the anti-abortion law are speculated to arise.

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