Faulty Military Grade Earplug Leads To Bankruptcy
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Faulty Military Grade Earplug Leads To Bankruptcy

| August 17, 2022

Aearo Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate company, 3M, is facing major bankruptcy over multiple lawsuits filed in response to faulty equipment. The Indianapolis-based company has been sued on the grounds that it supplied damaged combat earplugs. 

The tech subsidiary has filed for bankruptcy in the District Court of the Southern District of Indiana. Its origin company, 3M is facing the brunt of the charges brought upon it as the company gradually agrees to take liability for damaged goods. 

The number of ongoing claims against the faulty equipment is close to 300,000. Most claims have been made by veterans who have developed hearing loss or tinnitus even after using the earplugs.

3M, Aearo Technologies LLC, and the military have alleged that the earplugs have been successfully tested to decrease the frequency of the sound heard when used. The information has been posted on the website that has been created in response to the multiple lawsuits.

They have also claimed that in order to make the earplugs work, they have to be fitted well while in use. 

The federal judge who had multiple hearings scheduled will soon decide on the bankruptcy claims made by Aearo Technologies LLC.  The Court shall also decide whether to put a pause to the proceeding to be made against the mass claims. 

All the claims made thus far have been consolidated in a Court of Florida, making it the largest ever claim to be recorded into the US Federal System.

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