California Raises Fast-Food Worker Minimum Wage to $20
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California Raises Fast-Food Worker Minimum Wage to $20

| October 3, 2023

There is good news for the fast-food workers in California right now. They are all set to enjoy a considerable boost in their wages.

This news comes after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed his newest bill. From now and onward, according to this legislation, the minimum wage for workers in the fast-food sector will be a respectable figure of $20 an hour.

Not just a hike in pay, the bill has the primary purpose of securing a greater say for these employees in their workplaces.

The Governor of the Sunshine State, Mr. Newsom made this announcement at an event that he was attending in Los Angeles. Here, the state’s labor officials joined him along with the section that was going to benefit the most out of it, i.e. the fast-food workers.

During his announcement, the governor also emphasized on the importance of the state’s role in bringing about changes that impact the future.

Giving a bit of background to the legislation it is important to know that this wage hike came as a result of a long-standing compromise. There is something that will be given in exchange for the minimum wage increase. The fast-food companies will be withdrawing a 2024 ballot referendum that will change and repeal a law. This law in question was supposed to improve wages as well as working conditions for employees.

Labor unions have also reached an impasse where the no longer wish to stand against fast-food corporations for violations. 

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