Biden Strikes Global Deals to Counter China's Influence
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Biden Strikes Global Deals to Counter China’s Influence

| September 18, 2023

President Joe Biden has embarked on a diplomatic mission aimed at countering China’s growing global influence. In a series of high-level meetings and negotiations with key allies and partners around the world, the Biden administration is forging alliances and agreements designed to bolster democratic values, strengthen economic ties, and address pressing global challenges.

One of the focal points of President Biden’s international efforts is Asia, where China has rapidly expanded its economic and political footprint. The President’s trip to the Indo-Pacific region included discussions with leaders from Japan, South Korea, and Australia. These talks have resulted in commitments to enhance regional security, trade partnerships, and technology cooperation to counterbalance China’s dominance.

In Europe, President Biden has been working to repair strained relationships and foster closer cooperation with traditional allies. His meetings with leaders from the European Union and NATO member states have reinforced collective defense commitments and addressed issues like climate change and cybersecurity. The United States and the European Union recently resolved a long-standing trade dispute, signaling a renewed transatlantic partnership.

The Quad alliance, comprising the United States, Japan, India, and Australia, has gained prominence as a counterbalance to China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific. President Biden’s administration has bolstered this alliance by committing to secure access to critical minerals, strengthen supply chains, and support infrastructure development in the region.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has launched a global initiative to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This ambitious plan seeks to provide countries with an alternative to China’s infrastructure projects, emphasizing transparency, sustainability, and debt sustainability.

The administration’s efforts are not limited to geopolitical competition. President Biden has prioritized addressing global challenges like climate change, public health, and human rights, areas where China’s stance has generated concerns. By collaborating with partners worldwide, the United States aims to exert collective influence to push for global solutions that align with democratic values.

President Biden’s diplomatic endeavors signal a coordinated approach to counter China’s influence, emphasizing the importance of building partnerships, restoring alliances, and addressing shared concerns. These efforts reflect the administration’s commitment to shaping a more democratic, equitable, and stable global order.

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