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I Was In an Accident in a Company Car: What Should I Do?

| May 14, 2024

In many companies, employees often offer you cars due to the nature of their job roles. Why? Because sometimes they have to drive from one place to another. These vehicles cater to both professional and personal transportation needs. 

These help them to use the car even after hours. However, sometimes the unfortunate thing happens. You sometimes even end up wrecking your car. 

Hence, it becomes difficult to navigate through the aftermath of the car accident. It can become extremely complex. 

In that case, you might even require legal representation to combat with this matter. Your attorney helps safeguard your rights and you can even receive the support you need during these challenging time periods. This article will henceforth help in dealing with these. 

If the Accident Was Your Fault

If the Accident Was Your Fault

Assuming that the accident was your fault, we have to agree that driving a company car is extremely distressing. Even sometimes its implications might also seem to be extremely daunting. 

But being on duty during the time of the accident can however work in your favor in a court of law. As an employee on duty being involved in an accident indicates tjhe play of vicarious liability. 

This means that your employer can be held liable for their actions against of the employees while being on duty. So, if you’re driving a car within the scope of your employee duties, and you meet with the accident, then in that case, your employer will share the liability of the damages. 

Even though this may provide some temporary relief to you, you also must handle the situation with utmost care. Try and promptly report the accident to your employer and document the incident thoroughly. Most importantly, don’t forget to take legal advice before taking any sort of crucial legal steps. 

You should hire an experienced attorney seasoned in personal injury to assess the circumstances of your case. Remember, even if you’re at fault during the accident, you’ll anyway have legal rights for representation. Your attorney would help in upholding your rights in court in the aftermath of the accident. 

Non-Work Related Incidents

However, suppose the accident takes place when you’re not actively engaged in company business, then your own auto liability insurance would be covering the damages incurred by the party. However, you can still be personally liable for any damages incurred during exceeding your insurance coverage. 

In such cases, it is also essential to review your auto insurance policy with utmost scrutiny to understand the extent of your coverage. It will also highlight any potential exclusions or even limitations. 

If you anticipate your liability that might even exceed the limits of your policy, then it is best that you seek appropriate legal advice. You should discuss the situation with your employers and explore different options that will protect your interests in mitigating any sort of financial repercussions. 

Moreover, discussing it with your employer would also immensely help you in understanding the policies encompassing the accident and navigating with you through its legal and financial aspects. 

If the Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

If the Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

If the accident wasn’t your fault, then good news, you’ll be the person filing the content rather than defending against it. It operates similar to that of an insurance claim. In this case, the at-fault driver would bear the claim of liability for both your damages and injuries. It will also talk about any damage caused to your company vehicle. 

In this scenario, it’s absolutely crucial to gather any sort of evidence or documentation to support the claims. For example, you can include medical records, and photographs of the accident scenes into account as well. Witness statements and other relevant police reports also play a crucial role in uncovering any proof to support your claims. 

After that, you’ll submit these claims to your insurance company and handle the negotiations about the driver at fault. Moreover, your company owning the vehicle would also have to file a separate claim for the vehicular damage. 

Were You Hit By a Company Car?

Were You Hit By a Company Car?

If you got struck by the company vehicle, irrespective of your employment, the principles of vicarious liability would hence work in your favor. In such a case, you necessarily wouldn’t have to depend upon the at-fault driver’s limited auto insurance coverage. 

Instead, you will pursue legal action against your employer. They will be liable to compensate for all your injuries and damages by ensuring the usage of business liability insurance coverage. 

Initiating a proper legal proceeding against your employer can be challenging. It’s highly recommended that you hire a personal injury lawyer in this case. They will help you understand and navigate through the complex legal jargon and uphold your rights in a court of law. 

Talk to a Skilled Attorney in Your Area

Vicarious liability claims can be extremely complex, especially in cases of company vehicle accidents. Hence, it’s pivotal that you schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury and specifically in company vehicular accidents. 

During the consultation also ensure that your lawyer properly reviews your cases and assesses the extent of your injury. They should be experienced enough to provide you with personalized legal advice. They will also come in handy to explain all your rights and options. Your personal injury attorney would also be adept in outlining the potential outcomes of these challenges that come with your claim. 

By consulting with a knowledgeable attorney, you can gain a better understanding of the legal process, your rights, and the steps needed to pursue fair compensation for your losses. Your attorney would help you out in negotiating with insurance companies, gathering evidence, and representing your interests in court if necessary. 


Ultimately, having a skilled company vehicle accident lawyer on your side can significantly improve your chances of achieving a favorable outcome and obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

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